10 thoughts on “Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.4.6

  1. ты реально тупишь? класса кар_сити уже нет в игре, ничего ты не адаптировал к 1.43. ты даже колеса не исправил.

  2. исправил и обновил твой пак до 1.43 по настоящему, как надо. https://modsfire.com/LAMmy6zFN4i6sjC перепубликуй

  3. Ghostrider-67

    As i wrote before on ETS-2 packs, there is a rear wheel bug on all 3 axle buses with this version of this pack too… Double wheels and single wheels replaced: Doubles stand on 3rd axle and singles stand on 2nd axle, and the doubles are going out of the fenders… Please fix this issue on your ETS-2 and ATS truck and bus traffic mods !

    1. ETSstories

      same with the mexican pack, buses have wrong rear wheels

  4. +1 same here
    if ATSMODS does not remove to censor my post with image prove the issue


  5. same issue here but the atsmods.lt remove my posts with the image and game.log to prove the issue all the time

  6. those who are smarter have already downloaded the corrected version from my link ;-))

    1. Thanks for fixing it. It was so immersion breaking.

    2. However, you might want to recheck the Lamers bus, as the close range model still has its wheels mismatched.

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