Exhaust Smoke for ATS

Exhaust-Smoke-1 Exhaust-Smoke-2 Exhaust-Smoke-3

This mod adds smoke animation exhaust

Exhaust smoke for kenworth_t680_kenworth_w900_peterbilt_579

After you install smoke continuously.
Tested version 1.1.1

In the archive there is a dds texture just in case if someone need less soot!
Replace in fashion archive, in the folder : model /particle

* Respect the download link *

Authors: SCS, Ghostlord


6 thoughts on “Exhaust Smoke for ATS

  1. Trucks don’t have smoke coming out if they aren’t running.

    1. yep

      I hope some day scs will put smoke feature in, as in 18 WoS, it was soo sweet to spit out those black coal blows in hi torque moments

      1. Yeah you would think they would have done that since all the American games had the smoke. It’s something that should have been added without even thinking about it.

      2. Trucker_bob

        yup, good oll days, I hope they gonna add the smokes in it. it will be prefect if you certain how much throttle u give (passes) evolved a certain amount of exhaust.

  2. TruckerMax

    Where can i get those rims

  3. Can you up date this to work with 1.30?

    Smoke3 is a no brainer. Just like connecting the glad hands is, but they make excuses they can’t.

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