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Exhaust Smoke for ATS

Date 2016-02-17 15:13

Exhaust-Smoke-1 Exhaust-Smoke-2 Exhaust-Smoke-3

This mod adds smoke animation exhaust

Exhaust smoke for kenworth_t680_kenworth_w900_peterbilt_579

After you install smoke continuously.
Tested version 1.1.1

In the archive there is a dds texture just in case if someone need less soot!
Replace in fashion archive, in the folder : model /particle

* Respect the download link *

Authors: SCS, Ghostlord


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6 Responses to Exhaust Smoke for ATS

  1. Trucks don’t have smoke coming out if they aren’t running.

    • Pier


      I hope some day scs will put smoke feature in, as in 18 WoS, it was soo sweet to spit out those black coal blows in hi torque moments

      • Yeah you would think they would have done that since all the American games had the smoke. It’s something that should have been added without even thinking about it.

      • Trucker_bob

        yup, good oll days, I hope they gonna add the smokes in it. it will be prefect if you certain how much throttle u give (passes) evolved a certain amount of exhaust.

  2. TruckerMax

    Where can i get those rims

  3. GT182

    Can you up date this to work with 1.30?

    Smoke3 is a no brainer. Just like connecting the glad hands is, but they make excuses they can’t.

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