Etnyre Lowboy Black Hawk v2.0

Etnyre Lowboy Black Hawk

This Mod adds the Etnyre Lowboy Black Hawk


– Standalone: Yes
– Multilanguage: Yes
– Axles: 3 Axles
– Advance Coupling: Yes
– Collisions: Yes
– Color Selection : Yes
– Colors : Red – Yellow – Black
– Loads: 4
– Errors: None fully tested and functional

Optimized and converted for ATS and ETS2 by HABDORN

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All information about this modification is contained in mod info file and can be viewed from mod manager

Enjoy it

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2 thoughts on “Etnyre Lowboy Black Hawk v2.0

  1. Habdorn!!!
    На хрена нужен такой мод, которого нет в трафике???
    Вся прелесть игры заключается в возможности видеть трейлеры в трафике!
    Habdorn !!!
    To hell, you need a mod that is not in the traffic ??
    The whole beauty of the game is the ability to see trailers in traffic!

  2. Sehr schönes Trailer Pack . Danke dafür . Steam Workshop BITTE ??????

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