East Genesis Frameless Dump Trailer

Dump Trailer East Genesis – this modification adds a high-quality owned trailer adapted to the latest ATS game. The more aerodynamic design is easier to clean, and will not show any pings and dings on the outside like external post-style walls. The outboard Genesis design provides more capacity than traditional external post trailers. The aerodynamic design has unique 2-inch-thick, double-wall extruded aluminum panels, robotically welded vertically inside and out for superior strength and resistance to bowing. It protects the outer wall from dents, improving the resale value – keeping your trailer looking good.

Features Dump Trailer East Genesis:
– Standalone trailer
– Ownable
– Cable Support
– Advanced coupling
– the choice of color
– the model has its own wheels
– working brake and reverse lights
– detailed 3D model

Compatible with 1.48.x

Bora, William, Corey#03, Guidot, Corby, MacTen, Dro Modding


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