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Doubles Stock Trailers

Date 2018-03-10 10:19

Adds double trailers and cargoes to the game for Flatbed and Dump trailers.

* Some locations are incredibly tight and maneuvering will require a high level of skill
* You will be required to auto-park at some destinations

Enjoy :)

Wakes, SCS


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8 Responses to Doubles Stock Trailers

  1. JM

    double trailers and cargoes but you get it for the price off 1 trailer and cargo

  2. Sid Snot

    What do you mean, some locations will be tight, EVERY location is virtually non driveable, getting onto the freeways and off the freeways, negotiating traffic lights with vehicles parked in other lanes and you cannot help but hit them, and get fined, never mind trying to get into yards and other locations, which you have to do to activate the parking pop-up message, this is a joke mod, people have tried to do trailers like this before and failed, there’s no enjoyment at all it’s deeply frustrating, I’ve deleted this mod now, it’s rubbish, waste of time.

  3. Asphroxia

    Or you are just a terrible driver :D i’m having 0 issues using this, i haul tripples all day no problem on the vanilla map

  4. kuckerson

    yeah you obviously #### major ### at this game dude i can roll quads and 25 trailers no worries :)

  5. Brady Campbell

    I cant find the cargoes, I have a Flatbed T.P. Double attached and no cargoes will come up, also no double trailers in the freight market tab either

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