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Double Trailer ATS Sn4k3r Edit 2.0

Date 2017-06-10 19:31

Here, the new version for double trailer.

After read comments, I modified advancing coupling (tell me if not working), I added new chrome wheel as asked. People with the trailer that doesn’t appear in the game should no longer have a problem since I added a new cargo. Finally, I added the paintings for different companies.

In summary what’s new:

1. New chrome wheel
2. Modified advanced coupling
3. Add paintjob
4. Add new cargo

A final word to Freddy Jimmink. Guy, my mod has been uploaded here, there is not even 24h and you already make a pseudo edit of my mod that you share on your group facebook. Your excuse to do an edit is supposedly the incompatibility of my mod to run without the dlc (which is totally wrong). You’re stupid or what. It’s not with a folder “company” that you added that you will render a mod already compatible. It’s in the game engine only. You’re mostly trying to make yourself interesting. So stop taking people for idiots, it’s guys like you who are nothing else than fucking thief who kills modding and make that a lot of mod are private.
Finaly dear Freddy Jimmink, don’t forget, to edit this new version also and share it on your Facebook group ;)

Sn4k3r, RTA


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51 Responses to Double Trailer ATS Sn4k3r Edit 2.0

  1. Niels Steen

    I downloaded and installed it but i can’t get it to work…
    can you help me?

    • Sn4k3r


      Download and install archive in your mod folder (don’t unzip) activate in your mod manager, done.

  2. Good work, can you do it for ETS2???
    it is super

  3. Mootill

    Aren’t these trailers a paid RTA mod anyway, Sn4k3r?

    • Sn4k3r

      Look at credit ;)

      • Mootill

        I did, thanks.

        How it is that you can bash someone for making an edit to this mod, which in itself is payware?

        Makes you a hypocrite, don’t you think?

        • Sn4k3r

          Hms I share this trailer so If you aren’t interested, bye. But if you’re here
          My story with Freddy Jimmink isn’t your problem except if behind this pseudo you’re Freddy Jimmink. End of story.

      • GOGA

        accessories[]: .double_test.tchassis
        accessories[]: .double_test.paint_job
        accessories[]: .double_test.trwheel0
        accessories[]: .double_test.trwheel1
        accessories[]: .double_test.trwheel2
        accessories[]: .double_test.trwheel3-?

  4. Ways71

    Great mod, but could you post a ALT download link that uses a site like Sharemods? Because this “uploadas” site gives me a popup for a virus whenever I click the “download button”. I’m using adblock too!

  5. guest

    another ###### euro #### … can u make a real american double , like the pubs

    • Sn4k3r

      Why didn’t you do it yourself. You’re so good at criticizing

    • The Punisher

      It’s an Australian double you moron. Plus you are ####, you contribute NOTHING and constantly whine and nag.

    • Kamil48

      ###### euro ####? This is aussie double trailer

      • guest

        why cant u guys figure out that is ats not ets dum fuks , hate when u ###### fuks try to put euro #### on ats smh

        • Ignore this kid. He has no clue what an Aussie trailer is. I have spoken to this individual before and he actually thinks Australia is the same thing as Austria. He is a complete lost cause.

          To the auther: Thanks for the awesome trailers. They are far better than that kid complaining above could ever do even with years of practice in Blender, so a lot of us out here appreciate it.

          • guest

            really ,an ausie trailer? ###### #### google american trailers u ###### fuk … when u drive trucks for a living like me , then u talk to me #######

          • Ways71


            Aussie or not, as long as it’s a WORKING DOUBLE TRAILERS. We haven’t had working doubles since 18 wheels of steel haulin and ALH in 2007/2008. Be thankful that the author put the time in to allow us to drive doubles before SCS releases them. I think you’re the “dum fuk” in here.

          • @Guest … I was addressing the civilized citizens, not you. Dismissed.

            @Everyone else … Note that he has never driven a truck in his life. Ever. He’s just a keyboard hero. He tries to use the “Guest” tag, but he is definitely the kid I banned from my channel a while back for trolling when he got called out by real truck drivers that were in the stream. :)

            @Sn4k3r … Your trailers were a hit for my stream. Thanks again for the awesome trailers. Aussie or not, doubles are doubles and we’re glad to have something to keep us interested until the official SCS doubles come out. I thank you and the viewers of my streams thank you as well.

          • probably Matthew Bartle :P

          • guest

            yea thankful for a double which u could keep in ets 2 … just make real american trailers like the pub . thats why the game is called american simulator …[email protected] go #### the modders #### like u always do

          • And again, I was not addressing you, so you need not address me in that way. My communication was for civilized folks from civilized cultures … I.E. not you. Again, dismissed. :)

          • The Punisher

            “when you drive trucks for a living like me”

            LOL the kid must be 8 years old and SHE dreams about driving trucks IRL.

  6. Freddy Jimmink


    I left the credits to You in my changed mod so duck off!

    And since You began to humiliate people in public it says how low You are, You’re sh.t, and i won’t make my hands ##### on sh.t!

    Only thing i wish You is to get a good life.


    Freddy Jimmink

    • Sn4k3r

      Yes me I don’t give privately on a facebook group but in public. You edit don’t solve absolutely nothing, and you name it “Jimmy Edit” for just a folder “company” which in addition is totally false (I tried your edit). You’re joking or what. This isn’t the first time I see you distributed out your #### always full of error in gamelog that you stole at the base and just changed 2 or 3 stuff. For info, me this trailer I bought it from its release, like K200 and others trucks but RTA takes people for morons, so I unlocked, modified and shared this trailer. This explains why there are only double model and not the others. Also for my other edit, they are all purchased at RTA. That’s why you’re so upset. Long life to you also.


  7. Test Video

  8. The Punisher

    Thank you Sn4k3r, you rock !!!

  9. Tony

    Great mod,

    just like the B Doubles we have here in Aussie thanks


    Great mod, thanks for your hard work, even if this is not the double trailers like in US or Canada this ads those road trains like in Australia so when SCS comes out with the doubles we will have even more to choose from.

  11. Videos with this amazing trailer:



  12. RG Trucking

    Cool Trailer but why did you Not add Real Company skins? Hardly no one uses the default trailer skins anymore, Should have at least left the White trailers as a option dude !!

  13. Chickenlights&Chrome

    Very nice mod it works extremely well, thank’s.

  14. seb

    Great mod, can you make it so you can chose what skin you have on the trailer.

  15. Avery

    ive gotten some chrome issues with the new version it putting green pixels on all the chrome including trucks do any of you know why its doing that

  16. nektarios

    well i love this trailer and it’s the most beautiful mod you did a very nice job

  17. rhavi


  18. dowie

    pity it’s just a rip off from RTA

  19. JohnLee

    Sn4k3r good work…Do not mind ###### people. (…thieves exist… )
    I look forward to your next work. Good luck…. :)

  20. Sn4k3r

    Freddy my friend, here you are always here. Yesterday you cry on your “private”facebook group that I humiliated you in public but you come back to the charge.
    Your modification as you say bah not at all. I can make you screenshots unless a video is needed to show you the difference. To my knowledge, the architecture of the folders and files of the game doesn’t belong to you. At least now the proof is made of your talent as impostor but not modder since you don’t even see the difference. So go back to your fanboy group.

    Good day dear Freddy.

    • Freddy Jimmink

      Listen up You ############! I don’t to pretend being a modder,so that is -1.

      The changes works fine,and why do You use them than ey?

      I am NOT Your friend and NEVER will be!

      You’re just like all the asfucking modders i know, luckaly there are a view modders who are “Normal” and i respect them!

      For You and all other retarded ##### modders fuckthe hell off, and tell that asslicking friend of Yours i’ll find him/them he/they is/are out ofmy groups!

      Oh yeah 1 thimg! Burn in hell!

      • Well now someone is crying a sad little river. This upload is a good one. Face it. And it works just fine. So this is the one I’ll be presenting.

    • GOGA

      accessories[]: .double_test.tchassis
      accessories[]: .double_test.paint_job
      accessories[]: .double_test.trwheel0
      accessories[]: .double_test.trwheel1
      accessories[]: .double_test.trwheel2
      accessories[]: .double_test.trwheel3—?????????????????????????????

      • Sn4k3r

        Yes it’s an error, corrected of my side. I upload new version later. Thanks for report.

      • Sn4k3r

        Oh my god Freddy, why are you so upset and insulted as much. For a person over 50 years it’s bad for your heart. Stay calm, it looks like a kid 10 years. So I wonder who of you or me is the most retarded…
        You respect the modders, it’s a joke with everything you publish discreetly coming from others but with your name.
        Initially, tell me that if you had not fired the original name of my mod, nothing would have happened.
        After you make it simple, no your modification doesn’t work simply because in your files that you put in the differents companies, you call a cargo called “double_test” but you forget to create it. Install your edit then install this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647056608&searchtext=deleted+ats and see for yourself. The trailer doesn’t appear. In addition you say that your edit allows to work without having the dlc but it was already the case with the original because it’s the last update for everyone which allow it.
        As for your Facebook group, the ###### as you say (amusing coming from you) have you a lot, which explains why I know not, they are not all out of your group. I’m not in your group so how is it that knows for your edit !? Good luck to find “moles”. It’s nice and hot today so go to the pool (be careful not do a heart attack so you’re annoyed)
        I impatiently await your insulting reply since you can only do that and you are unable to move on.

        Good day my dear “friend” Freddy.

  21. Sn4k3r



  22. wonder

    the man (snaker) can’t even type normal……..

    btw freddy;s changes works fine for me and i don;t have to buy a dlc of wich i don;t use

  23. TheJustice

    Freddy Jimmink is an ##### who has no idea how to do mods or anything like that. The only thing he does is to change 2 things with no relevance whatsoever and to deceive himself by believing that he has created something …. and on top he is so imbecile that he cheats on it xDDDDD
    Great job, Sn4k3r

  24. Very nice :)
    Could you maybe add some real skins, like Walmart, instead of the vanilla company skins?
    Thanks :)

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