DC Celadon Trailer

DC-Celadon-1 DC-Celadon-2 DC-Celadon-3

Hey guys, this is my first attempt at converting the trailers I skinned in ETS2 to ATS. Keep in mind i’m just a skinner, not a modder so I hope this works! I did a couple runs and they worked fine so far. All the lights are working and it looks good in-game. So cross your fingers and give it a try! :) I also made it mod manager ready. I hope you guys like it.

Trailer Skin – David Corley; Trailer Mod – stewowe


2 thoughts on “DC Celadon Trailer

  1. Not pushing ya, david but glad you skipped retirement for your fans. Is Robert hot on your trail for cabs and/or combos?? I have a special profile for your mods and you should see my library file so far, Its melting my pen. There are so many daily downloads I am collecting mods to a rate of about 80% a day. Keep them coming I have a fire proof pen. So far ETS has stalled in USA’s web of interest.

    1. Thank you man! Nah, Robert’s not hot on my trail. lol He busy with other projects atm. :) I am really glad it appears I was able to import my original skinned trailers I did using Stewowe’s trailer mod into ATS from ETS2 without too much difficulty. I plan to convert as many of my skinned trailers into ATS as I can for you guys. I would imagine you will still only be able to run one of these at a time in-game just as in ETS2 though. I didn’t test that theory yet though. I did, however, disable all other trailer mods so mine will show up easily for pickup.

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