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DC Celadon Trailer

Date 2016-03-11 09:27

DC-Celadon-1 DC-Celadon-2 DC-Celadon-3

Hey guys, this is my first attempt at converting the trailers I skinned in ETS2 to ATS. Keep in mind i’m just a skinner, not a modder so I hope this works! I did a couple runs and they worked fine so far. All the lights are working and it looks good in-game. So cross your fingers and give it a try! :) I also made it mod manager ready. I hope you guys like it.

Trailer Skin – David Corley; Trailer Mod – stewowe


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  1. james

    Not pushing ya, david but glad you skipped retirement for your fans. Is Robert hot on your trail for cabs and/or combos?? I have a special profile for your mods and you should see my library file so far, Its melting my pen. There are so many daily downloads I am collecting mods to a rate of about 80% a day. Keep them coming I have a fire proof pen. So far ETS has stalled in USA’s web of interest.

    • DC-David

      Thank you man! Nah, Robert’s not hot on my trail. lol He busy with other projects atm. :) I am really glad it appears I was able to import my original skinned trailers I did using Stewowe’s trailer mod into ATS from ETS2 without too much difficulty. I plan to convert as many of my skinned trailers into ATS as I can for you guys. I would imagine you will still only be able to run one of these at a time in-game just as in ETS2 though. I didn’t test that theory yet though. I did, however, disable all other trailer mods so mine will show up easily for pickup.

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