Changes in V1.3.2:
Doubled the distance from the accident, recovery and breakdown events that the VMS signs / warning triangles spawn at.

Changes in V1.3.1:
Fix issue where invisible wall would sometimes appear on hard shoulder roadwork events.

Changes in V1.3:
Added environmental lighting and grill lights to highway maintenance SUV (this also adds them to the SCS version).
Added beacons to new heavy towtruck and created version for use in events.
Replaced vertical roadwork barriers with my retroreflective versions and changed from red to orange.
Created my own version of idaho road closed barrier and changed colour from red to orange so can be used in my events also made replace the default roadwork barrier.
Created second version of traffic cone that is slightly taller to be used in my events.
Create additional version of F150 with an advanced arrow board and a load of new patterns and added to my events:
– sequential arrows
– sequential chevrons
– caution patterns
Took advanced arrow board from my additional version of the F150 and attached it to the trailer for the VMS sign and added to my roadworks events.
Added new heavy towtruck to recovery events for small trucks and truck and trailers.
Created my own version of narrow roadwork events.
Made my events able to spawn with the ‘urban’ police cars when on non-highway roads.
Removed F150 highway maintenance vehicle from spawning on single lane cariageways and made able to spawn at both breakdown and recovery events.
Created my own version of single lane roadwork events.
Created hard shoulder roadwork events.



3 thoughts on “DANIELS RANDOM EVENTS V1.3.2 1.43

  1. Need to atleast get broken down traffic off of road way. Need to be on shoulder and or dirt. IF possible..

  2. Does this mod have an impact on work crews showing up for construction work on roads. I passed 3 work sites and there were barriers but no crews. Where should this mod be placed in the mod order?

  3. Thank god for the longer distance. Always a nightmare with snow physics on, and suddenly mashing the brakes and ending up part of the “scene” ####

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