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Custom Deloupe Lowboy

Date 2018-02-02 20:05

Custom Deloupe Lowboy
AO Baked
Lift Axles
Company paint job system
Independent cargos
-Wheel Loader Bucket
-Liebherr 9150 Bucket
-Wooden Crate (Large Engine)
-Cal Fire Dozer
-Cat Dozer d8l
-Wirtgen Super 2500 Asphalt Paver
-Diversion Pipe
-MZKT Volat

3 Variants to choose from!!
-3 Axle Deloupe Lowboy
-3 Axle Deloupe Lowboy w Stinger
-3 Axle Deloupe Lowboy w Stinger & Jeep

More mods on site!!!


Donations: paypal.me/Dromoddingats

Credits: Dro Modding, Corby, Dejon Wade, Igor Shvagerus, Zetor165Maxterra, Schiffsdiesel, Adam Lorkowski
*If anyone missing please inform me!!

Dro Modding, Corby, Dejon Wade, Igor Shvagerus, Zetor165Maxterra, Schiffsdiesel, Adam Lorkowski


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9 Responses to Custom Deloupe Lowboy

  1. Looks fantastic!
    Thank you!

  2. REVIEW:

  3. guest

    nice trailer but why the different colors can u make a solid black?

  4. Chuck Morehouse


  5. SuchManor

    This would be perfect if you cleaned up the textures a little bit and removed the multi color trailers and made them all black. Dont see too many blue trailers on the road lol.

  6. Coalrollerlbz

    just get it off of steam or thru Dros website..

  7. I think you did a very good job on these! I do wish the empty had the jeep loaded on the trailer and chained down, need more side marker lights to.
    Also, it would be cool if you could lower the stinger and raise it like the axle but that’s probably just a dream of mine! I kinda like the different colors to…

  8. KDG

    really really nice!
    one small thing, with the bucket i think you made a mistake by putting it lenght wise, bc the way the bucket is placed now, the left side is heavier than the right side of the bucket, so the trailer will tilt over to the left…
    the game does not know the difference, but irl you will get into trouble haha
    other than that, very nicely done!

  9. longo

    esse reboque é comprável ou só da de pegar nas empresas ?

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