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“Covenant Transport” Freightliner Cascadia

Date 2016-05-15 19:11


Skin “Covenant Transport” Freightliner Cascadia V1.1 edited by Solaris36
Test: 32-64 bit ATS game version.

Autor: MuhaBZzz


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3 Responses to “Covenant Transport” Freightliner Cascadia

  1. Guest

    That looks nothing like the actual Covenant trucks. I would know. I live 30 minutes from their HQ. Not cracking on your work but maybe look them up on google.

    • D.L

      I worked for them and this is the only driver in the fleet with 3 million accident free miles. So they let her pick the color and she is a Minnesota Vikings fan so she has a purple truck. I have actually driven past her in New Mexico

  2. Ну вот в честь такой женщины её грузовик и в игре.Пусть катается долго без аварий!

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