Coast to Coast v 2.6

This map requires both NM & OR DLC.

Mantrid – Lousiana completely rebuilt
ShirBlackspots – Texas improvements
Ways71 – Various scenery improvements along I-95



18 thoughts on “Coast to Coast v 2.6

  1. If you use this mod, you can not connect with the map mods of Mexico. Please adjust the mods.

  2. Love this mod nice work. Problems I noticed in New Orleans. Stop sign in the middle of the road. Fall through holes near the wall and floating buildings in Wichita Falls.

    1. Exact! The interchange over New Orleans puts our vehicle under the road! No problem passing directly through the city and going up! ;-)

  3. Sorry there are a few invisible walls in Louisiana. I was in a bit of a rush after OR came out.
    I will do an update soon.

    1. Luke Evans

      Cheers. Plus people if you using Coast to Coast v2.6. The Viva Mexico map won’t work. You won’t be able to access it as the roads are not connected.

    2. How often is Coast to Coast being worked on? and how many people are working on it?

  4. Coast to Coast v.2.6 isn’t compatible with the Mexico map mod. The roads are not connected.

  5. Bloodbunny

    Well, it crashes nicely. Pick a load, click drive, and get a lovely view of the desktop.

    1. Working fine for me. It does require the New Mexico and Oregon DLC

  6. Invisible+wall+on+I-27+at+TX289+overpass+on+north+side+of+Lubbock.+Another+one+at+US+380+and+US+75+overpass

  7. hello! I installed this Mod, and I am at a loss as to what to do next. I downloaded it, booted up ATS and the mod is nowhere to be found. I have both the OR and NM DLC installed. pardon me for my idiocracy, this is my first time downloading off of a website, not steam. any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

    1. Make sure the SCS file is placed in Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod. It should then appear in the mod manager on American Truck Simulator & click it to enable it.

  8. LittleIrishman


  9. Paderracer


    Ich haben nur die 2.6 karte drin gehabt, und es ist mir direkt beim laden abgeschmiert.

    bitte anpassen das or. dlc war nicht installiert.

  10. Ryan Wenger

    There is an invisible wall on the 10 going towards missippi right after the bridge

  11. Route: Burns – Pendleton
    About 70-80km before Pendleton there is a hole and the truck goes to paradise
    The same goes for the Ontario-Pendleton route.
    Can not get to Pendleton in any way

  12. I only have or dlc will it work

  13. carlos daniel corzo joya

    en la ruta de tucson a carlsbad pasando por la parte de artensia hay un agujero y no puedo pasar por ningun lugar

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