Chevrolet S10 High Country 2017 V4 1.39


– Fixed sound
– Minor edits and fixes
– Added more paintjobs


Nimit, vasja555


8 thoughts on “Chevrolet S10 High Country 2017 V4 1.39

  1. skipper rooty

    stop with the cars and #### its a truck game not gta

  2. peter johnson

    skipper is right the game is a truck game for delivery’s of stuff from point to point if u want cars go play a car game leave our great game alone simple as that im sick of people like this doing such boring mods we want mods of trucks trailers ai skins for trucks on the road real petrol stations up to date not this petty stuff sorry to say im feel sad for u making such trash..

    1. Yall are mad for what? People can do whatever they want so I don’t understand why yall are getting pressed over a mod.

    2. If you don’t like the mod, then get the hell out of here, no one is pushing you to download this.

  3. Love it! keep up the good work!

  4. i liked it! keep making more cars please, good work

  5. KansasGuy

    Lights; brake lights ain’t working. Tail lights are way too bright, and white. Third brake light ain’t working and bugs out with the indicators. Indicators ain’t showing on the dash
    The sound; Sound ain’t too bad, but it keeps repeating the starting sound all the time.
    Braking; It’s like trying to brake a plane with bike brakes. Not working too good.
    I’d go and have another look before re-uploading dude.
    No I ain’t using no other MOD’s

  6. Radovan Ostojin

    something is really bad with sound….the worst engine sound ever…

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