Peterbilt 389 Car Hauler v1.1

Changelogs 1.1
– Added Skin Template
– Adjusted detail levels
– Open mod
– Compatibility for 1.49

– Choptop Cabin
– Premium Ultra interior
– Hauler Chassis
– Many options for engines and transmissions
– Own Trailer included
– 2 bumpers
– 2 grilles
– Alcoa wheels

And more tuning…



5 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Car Hauler v1.1

  1. Is this with the truck ? because its a pay version

  2. It no longer exists to download.

  3. I now have this rig. And thank you for it F3D, It takes me back to my car haul days with Anchor Mtr Frt.
    JM, it’s on a Discord site that TrainGuy has. He is in the Workshop with mods on ATS/Steam. Do an internet search and it should come up. It is not payware or I would not now have it. It is a free mod…. and a nice one too.

  4. F3D, there is one problem with your mod. And that is the truck won’t load. There should be at least 9 units to the load. Only 6 are on the trailer, the truck is empty. And that is the reason the ATS car haulers on have trailers that get loaded, The trucks are only just plain trucks that don’t carry vehicles. Until they figure it out how to change it, there’s nothing I know of that can be done for a fix. Believe me, you did a great job putting your car carrier together. And I really want to see it work as it should one day and drive it fully loaded… with cars and pickup trucks on it too.

  5. Oh BTW, don’t use those big wide tires that replace the 8 singles on the truck and trailer. We never ran them. If one of them blows out it would really tear up the truck, or trailer, or the driver standing close to it. Don’t ask me how I know. ;) 8 tires on the trailer and 8 on the truck is the way it should really be. All of the car haul companies never used them, and still don’t today.

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