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ATS Beige Interior Volvo FH16 2012

Two options – Beige and Dark beige.
Requires Volvo FH16 (2012 и 2009) Trucks v.6.3
LHD interiors only.
To install the toys, you need Sisl’s Mega Pack.
Put one of your choice.
For ATS only.
Volvo engine sound in video – from Krichbaum mod.


DOWNLOAD 4 MB [Mirror]

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Interior/Exterior Reworks MegaPack ver.1.9

Mod features
-Much better interiors textures and materials;
-All trucks now have two interior types – with manual and with auto transmission;
-Interior with KMH or MPH speedometers;
-Completely new, better dashboard clusters textures;
-Added missing animations like throttle/brake pedals movement or gear shifter switching;
-Added some different missing interior parts across trucks;
-Some external trucks parts were reworked, some – replaced completely with more quality models;
-Cobra cb radio with animated cord and different front panels;
-New animated drivers models;
-New textures for trucks light systems. New lightmasks for them as well;
-IFTA and CCI stickers for trucks;
-Added many missing shadows for interior parts like steering wheel/wheel column, dash panel, gear shifter sticks, interior visors, windshield wipers (also added shadows for external wipers model);
-Customizable GPS device: GPS map or static menu picture;
-Peoplenet tablet device added for all interiors;
-High quality external interiors, matching their internal analogue;
-New license plates models for all states (see Hints section for additional info);
-Working interior lighting for all trucks (see Hints section for additional info);
-1800 degrees steering wheel rotation animation (see Hints section for additional info);
-Adjustable interior sun visors for all trucks (see Hints section for additional info);
-Support for Cabin accessories DLC for ATS;
-Clean log.

-You can create your own style for Cobra cb radio front panel. Edit this texture to do it: \vehicle\truck\upgrade\cobra\textures\;
-It is possible to adjust text on custom license plates and frame plate style. To do adjust text edit alpha-channel of this texture:
\vehicle\truck\upgrade\plates\ To edit style of plate frame edit this texture: vehicle\truck\upgrade\plates\;
-To work interior lighting must be installed first via truck dealer. Search for its white upgrade node below the truck’s ceiling. Then you can switch light on by hitting O button (button which turns on roof beacon by default);
-Steering wheel animation can be switched from 1800 degrees to 900 degrees by editing path for wheel_anim animation path here: \def\vehicle\truck\SOME_TRUCK_NAME\interior\animations*.sui file(s). Open file and you will have instuctions there how to do it;
-You can switch from steering wheel position adjustment via F4 menu to interior sun visor position adjustment by editing wheel_updown_anim and wheel_frontback_anim animations paths here: \def\vehicle\truck\SOME_TRUCK_NAME\interior\animations*.sui file(s). Open file and you will have instuctions there how to do it;
-You can switch off Volvo VNL 670 GPS screen animation and remove this screen by editing generic_anim animation path here:
def\vehicle\truck\volvo.vnl\interior\animations.sui. Open file and you will have instuctions there how to do it.

Mod support
You can support further mod development using this Paypal link:

If you’re looking for help related to this mod, ask for it here:

IER mod v.1.9 changelog (01.01.2012)
-added support for Cabin Accessories DLC;
-fixed some bugs in external and internal interior models (like holes in geometry mainly);
-added new interior lamp models for KW W900 truck;
-added new interiors with KMH dashboards for Volvo VNL truck;
-added manual transmission model and animation for Volvo VNL truck;
-improved manual transmission animation for both KW and PB trucks;
-added missing parts for Volvo VNL like fuel tanks behind sideskirts, added missing fuel tank cap and DEF tank cap;
-improved numerous textures (diffuse and normal map ones) along all trucks;
-fixed holes in the geometry of basic mirrors model of Volvo VNL, rebaked mirrors texture as well;
-updated definition files – improved parts names mostly;
-added missing EN/US/RU localisation files, so all truck parts now have correct names;
-other changes i forgot already ;-))

AlexeyP, Slider_556, SCS Software


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