Big Garage and Service for ATS

Date 2016-06-24 09:40


Is compatible with all map tested 1.3.1

This mod adding:
– New big garage open doors
– New service

Respect download link! Thanks!

Scs, Blade1974, Ghostlord


7 Responses to Big Garage and Service for ATS

  1. walls without collision….. :(

  2. Andre

    Very nice addition!!! love the detail. 5 stars

  3. work no problem.. :) THX

  4. Thanks for this mod.
    is its possible to release only a Big Garage mod ?
    ( with Kenworth on top as it is now .)

  5. Jason

    File is CORRUPT

  6. I’d love to use this mod. You’ve done a lot of great work on it but I have a missing texture error on the doors – they’re all that ugly red missing texture.

    Any chance for a update?

  7. Sorry, I forgot to mention I’m using ATS v1.6x.

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