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Better Flares v 3.0 addons for Jazzycat Packs

Date 2017-11-25 10:23

Addons that adding 8 new flare types to AI traffic from Jazzycat packs. Requires Better Flares v3.0 for ATS or higher.

Supported Jazzycat packs:
– AI Traffic Pack v3.5.1 and higher
– Classic cars AI Traffic Pack v1.5 and higher
– Truck Traffic Pack v1.8 and higher
– Painted Truck and Trailers Traffic Pack v1.4 and higher
– Bus Traffic Pack v1.2 and higher
– Mexican Traffic Pack v1.6 and higher
Mod is compatible with latest releases of those packs.

Warning! BFv3.0 Jazzycat addons should have higher priority than Jazzycat packs.


DOWNLOAD 93 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 93 MB [Drive.google]

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3 Responses to Better Flares v 3.0 addons for Jazzycat Packs


    THANKS !!!

  2. Painted truck addon was causing errors… unknown variants

  3. Alex

    Looks very realistic

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