15 thoughts on “Baobab Trailer

  1. Trucker_bob

    thanks for this mod! I was looking for the ATS version, u Made my day :P

  2. Experimental Trucker

    I thank you also.

  3. Thank you, but it wont show up in Job list :(

    1. Ryan Keller

      you have to take like 5 other jobs before its gonna show :)

  4. It would be great if someone could port over the seimens transformer trailer

    1. snyderracing

      someone did

  5. You have to sleep and you will see the trailer in game

  6. @Denzo, give me the download link pls

  7. GameplayHD2015

    He is right,it doesn´t show in the Freight Market and i have slept a lot and forwarded time!

  8. I’m sorry, I was wrong file
    Here is the correct file >>> http://sharemods.com/lfxrggfq4rkj/Baobab_Trailer_for_ATS.zip.html
    Sorry again for this mistake.

  9. now works,just have to choose carrefully the job,i had problems with bridges in San Francisco,trailer is to big…better a job in Nevada and free of bridges route!

  10. Mike Rules

    Thanks for the mod. But can you do a sequoia one as well. I think it will be far better then baobab.

  11. Alfredo Domínguez

    En que parte est el remolque

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