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American rim V1 Alcoa Circle

Date 2016-04-15 08:49


Good that such friends , I want to show you the first part of a large project that I have for ATS , in this first edition includes a model of Rhine Alcoa , which comes in 3 tones(black;chromium and aluminum) as well as its front and rear covers and that is not all ,now with this new update eh included a option more, now in the option we can find some options hub to change the color of the circles of the Rhine, now only come some colors between them(Red;orange;green;purple etc) as in tone of the rims , I hope you like this project, and as I said at the beginning is the beginning of a good project, with the time incluire more Tire rims colors etc. greetings to all credits to big T & kalmiS by the michellin multiway =) Pd: the mod is 100% compatible with ETS2



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7 Responses to American rim V1 Alcoa Circle


    nice job works good just needs one thing some goodyear tires

  2. adam

    nice work, where did you get that amazing paint job

  3. Brandon

    Absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see more. Thank you so much.

  4. Samuel

    Amazing work!! Consider adding long nuts on the next version, it would be perfect!

  5. OJRussell (on Steam)

    I want/need that skin! Please! Thank You!

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