Albuquerque Terminal mod

This is a company Terminal mod. It will replace the original shop, If you don’t own it buy it and upgrade it to the big garage. I only have 2 dlc maps Arizona and Nevada. feel free to improve it as this is my first mod. I have no problem with anyone improving and re uploading. I do not have the gas pump working i placed it is more a looks thing,I may change that down the road. Please let me know what you think.



4 thoughts on “Albuquerque Terminal mod

  1. ATSplayer100

    This is now the terminals should be. Would be nice if the trucks looked more “real” like they do at the truck stops also to be able to rest in the parking lot would be nice but overall good job. nice mod.

    1. Trucks used in truckstop are physics these models are static because I change my Walmart skins to my company trailers. I do not want different companies in the terminal. I hope there is a fix to that down the road. I also plain on making the parking lot a sleep area to, in a update. I am trying to get someone to remove the fence around the garage right now so I can move it and you can drive through it without having to make that sharp turn.

  2. Frank_164


  3. Clayton Clark

    Would there be a chance you can also see about having the trailers spawn somewhere in the yard instead of at the side of the garage. This would be a whole lot more realistic Thanks Clayton. Oh how did you change the static trailers to your company skins?

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