90’s Corporation Truck v3.0 [1.47]

Changelog 3.0
Bunch of changes/housekeeping things, and cab/chassis updates. So much so that it signifies a new version number.

Chassis Updates
WIA: Three Tri axle options for the day cab, flat roof and mid/hi roof sleepers
WIM: Three Tri axle options for the day cab, flat roof and mid/hi roof sleepers
All accessories adjusted to fit these new chassis options. No WIL tri axle version is present, or is planned. There are 6 new options as it is, and if I don’t see people using the options they ask for, what’s the point in doing more? The files are all there, change it up and mod your own! It’s encouraged.

Cab Updates
WIA/WIL TTES sleeper now has upper rear windows. These have been something I’ve wanted to add for a while, but never got around to it.
TTES and TES sleepers now have the correct wooden cabinet beside the bed as per original design

All Chassis
Moose Bumpers adjusted/remodeled to closer resemble how they would actually function to facilitate hood opening
Headache racks/airlines re named and adjusted to facilitate adding new chassis options.

Some auto options are now available. These will expand as more research on specs of what was available back than happens
Auto shifter added when buying auto transmission.
Dash mounted gear indicator accessory option becomes available when equipped with auto transmission
When equipped with manual transmission, clutch and shifter become visible, but gear indicator accessory isn’t

Sold at the dealer of mods;
5 cabs;
6 chassis;
A lot of engines and checkpoints;
Own interiors (a lot);
Own sounds;
Painted + many skins;
A lot of tuning.



One thought on “90’s Corporation Truck v3.0 [1.47]

  1. This mod isn’t working now that I installed this new version.

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