900 Degrees Wheel Anim for VNL 670 (Aradeth)


900 degrees steering wheel animation for Volvo VNL670 by Aradeth v1.5
*You can still use 1800 degrees animation too.(They’re standalone.)

*****Give this mod a higher priority in the game mod manager.*****

If you are using Steam version of the truck you don’t need to download that mod.

Author: Aradeth


7 thoughts on “900 Degrees Wheel Anim for VNL 670 (Aradeth)

  1. Just to let you know your Volvo VNL 670 animated steering stops the W900 from functioning correctly. The W900 steering shows in parked position and cannot be used correctly. When the VNL 670 is removed from the mod folder the W900 steering is ok.

  2. Just to let you know, the thing you said is impossible.

    Before judging the mod, do some research. OR activate only this truck on a clean(unmodded) profile and seeifthis truck brake w900’s wheel.

    The answer is NO. It’s your other mods. This mod overwrites NOthing in the game.

  3. I was not judging the mod, in fact it is excellent and I thank you for your work. I am only saying what I experienced and thought I was being helpful. Just try it for yourself and see if I am wrong and if that be the case I apologise.

  4. I have just tried again with the VNL 670 in the mod folder and I am pleased to say everything seems fine this time. Please accept my humble apology and once again thank you for your excellent mod.

    1. You’re welcome.
      Of course there is no need for apology.
      Thank you for being kind.

  5. Hey im curious what file did you edit to change that?

  6. Since I am confident in the the mod or its author, I am convinced that the fault lies with me.
    – Download the mod
    – Extract the mod
    – Place it in the modfolder ATS
    – Start the game
    – Activate the 2 mods (vehicle and def) above the Volvo mod
    When I play the game, nothing has changed, do I look cross-eyed or am I doing something wrong?

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