Peterbilt 389 Tri-Drive By Bu5ted v1.5

Date 2016-11-12 20:30


Peterbilt 389 Tri-Drive by Bu5ted
Version # 1.5 for ATS
** NOTE : Game files have been re-worked to avoid conflicts…. this means
you must sell your previous version truck in order to avoid errors and crashes.

Fixed Paint On Truck
Replaced Corrupt Normal Map
Added Exhaust Pipes
Added Steps As Add-On (corrected for fat pipes)
Fixed Chrome On 379 Head Lights
Unlocked Stock Rims For Use
Fixed Conflict with Mods
Plus More

Log file is clean and free of errors!

Truck Is a Work In Progress
SCS Software



17 Responses to Peterbilt 389 Tri-Drive By Bu5ted v1.5

  1. STobi

    does the lights on the back of the cab turn on? please reply!

    • Bu5ted

      Not in this version, my next release will, the link is always active if you save it, I will post here when I update and you can use same link to get updated truck.

  2. kemar

    great mod as usual busted, thanks. dont want to seem ungrateful but can you add rear fender in your next update?

  3. Hey love your mod man!
    Is it maybe possible to make the front indicators light up as parking lights, and maybe add a deck plate for the frame?

  4. Sprinklers


  5. kemar

    hey busted do you plan updating this mod & the w900 to 1.5?

  6. Markk

    Hello, I’m using no mods but this, when I go to Peterbilt’s dealer and I choose this truck, all I see is a red template with missing textures. How do i fix this? I’m using version.


  7. Brummi

    Habe genau das selbe Problem wie Markk . Keine Mod´s im Modordner u. Version 1.5. . Alles rot .

  8. Bill

    Im also getting red textures

  9. Carlos DeSilva

    Hi there. Awesome mod! Unfortunately, like the others who have commented, I too am getting red textures. Is there a fix? Or do we wait for an update?

  10. Ray

    Everytime i install this mod trucks turn red and say texture am i doing something wrong

  11. Bu5ted

    Hey Guys, I recently had a hard drive crash, I recovered most of my files and will be back at it very soon. For those of you wondering about the textures problem you can wait for an update as this is tested on 1.4.x …….OR….. if you have the base.scs extracted just copy the automat folder over into the mod and it will fix the textures temporarily for now, be aware there still may be issues on 1.5 until update.

  12. Ray

    If u have version 1.0 how do u add version 1.5 a was able to get it to work on 3.0 3.5 version of the w900 but cant remember how i did it i know u have to combine the to files help?

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