Bus Pack

Date 2016-06-18 09:51

Scania-G7-1200-4x2 Irizar-PB Busscar-Elegance Irizar-New-Century MB-Multego Volvo-9700-Grand-L-and-S Volvo-9700-TX

8 Bus for ATS
* Scania G7 1200 4×2
* Irizar PB
* Busscar Elegance
* Irizar New Century
* MB Multego
* Volvo 9700 Grand L and S
* Volvo 9700 TX
* Volvo 9700 L and S

Only places the bus in the mod folder of the game enable you mod and go to the dealer
Tested 1.17, 1.1x

Author: scsgamer

DOWNLOAD 73 MB Scania G7 1200 4×2
DOWNLOAD 246 MB Busscar Elegance
DOWNLOAD 53 MB Irizar New Century
DOWNLOAD 61 MB Volvo 9700 Grand L and S
DOWNLOAD 176 MB Volvo 9700 TX
DOWNLOAD 211 MB Volvo 9700 L and S

14 Responses to Bus Pack

  1. zufall

    Tested 1.17, 1.1x ATS???

  2. Mikael79

    Authors of bus ???

  3. Edy_Godines2498

    Hello … these pictures are mine, adaptations of buses is mine and I find it unfair that they remove my download links and resuban to sharedmods I hope they fix the download links and give me the credit I meresco me as the conversion of ETS2 to ats cost me too.

  4. zac

    hey dude i have realy wanted a doubble trailor for ats with the 2nd trailor piviting. You r a very good mod maker and i would love you to make this mod. if your going to make 1 please email me as i have some plans.

    CHEERS :D nice mod

  5. Berry


  6. JCR Gaming

    What dealership and where can I find the Irizar new century at?

  7. Brandon Hairston

    Hey what do you use to create this mod how do you do it

  8. Supra76

    I would love it If there were American Models too you know MegaBus,GreyHound Etc

  9. German

    Where is the sound of the Irizar PB this bus doen’t have sounds.

  10. DJbus

    I agree. We should see other companies that are actually in the US like MCI, Mega Bus, Grumman and some others. And repaints like Greyhound and Mega Bus.

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