WS49X Detroit DD13-15-16 engine MegaPack 3.2

Hi all,

The SCS WS49X is a very good truck. Quality is excellent.
I’ve recorded few months ago a Mercedes engine (OM471), and this same engine is used in the US rebadged as a DD13-15 series.
I decided to make it working with this truck.

I added this new DD sound in my megapack, i’ve also fixed an error on the Cummins 444, it was keeping playing in the game menu.

Kriechbaum, Semi Truck Doctor, SCS


2 thoughts on “WS49X Detroit DD13-15-16 engine MegaPack 3.2

  1. Let me be the first on this upload to applaude your such rapid production from your sound lab.You are the hero for my trucking with this new truck. I was thinking of your expertice as I was listening to the european jake sound they used to put this truck on the sim, such a letdown. In texas I hear jakes all the time being 200 feet from I-20 for the last 5 years. Are you planning to include the cummins engine sounds seperately as well or just add this truck to the existing cummins sounds that are produced already. Now to rattle the neighbors with the new sounds HAHA.

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