Wilson Pacesetter Grain Trailer

Not sell.
Available in gallery and in orders
Loads Of Barley.Corn.Millet.Oats.Rye.Wheat
All loads have their weight in the table of units of weight in relation to volume.
One option 53 ‘ chassis with rolled axles(spread axle)
All technical stickers are photo textures cut from photos of real trailers.
Three painting options

– white (stock options)
– stainless steel (rear diode lights with chrome rims)
-black(taillights clear glass and led with chrome bezel)

Test version 1.32.4

TruckerStas. JF154. Каменев Андрей.


7 thoughts on “Wilson Pacesetter Grain Trailer

  1. Ended up making this ownable for my fleet. Awesome. Been wanting a Wilson in the fleet. Thank you :)

  2. I wish this were on a different download page, I always get “Wrong IP” page.
    Looks good though!!

  3. What kind of loops do I have to jump through on this download site you picked to be able to download the #### thing??

  4. scania_dragon

    “No loadings found in your region ….” (San Francisco)
    For which region is this trailer made ?

    1. scania_dragon

      thank you for not replying. Very reliable author!

      1. That’s because you are in San Francisco. Check the distance between the kingpin and the rear axle. This trailer’s configuration is illegal in California. Just do like I did and make a chassis for it with the rear axle slid forward and you’ll be fine. :)

  5. First all what the hell is millet…
    And then this ###### mod doesn’t show up in the game…

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