Wilson Livestock Multi Axles


The mod contains 5 diferents types of axles
Spread axles
Spread axles with toolbox
Tandem axles
Tandem axles and lift axle
Option for chrome or white wheels (one must be enabled for proper operation)
Option for appear trailer in traffic

Credits: i’m sorry but do not know the author of the original model for 18 wos if someone knows please contact me, I will include in the credits.
Conversion for ets2 and mirnor corrections: b4rt

Pleace help me, keep credits and original link don’t reupload for more mods



10 thoughts on “Wilson Livestock Multi Axles

  1. can you make a hopper bottom?

  2. dont have livestock cargo in game for now. this trailer need to next game version.

  3. DieselHolic

    so can you actually operate the lift axle or is it just static?

  4. ztgraphix

    this trailer is not showing up in game under jobs after installing it…any advice on what I need to do?? Thank you!

  5. Dang, there are some beautiful beef cows in this game…could they be shoved in this trailer? Sounds like even though the assets exist, they’re not as “cargo”?

  6. Says archive is broken when i try to open the folder. Then when i try to transfer the file from the original folder to the ATS mods folder, it says file is broken, then says its 101% done and i have to use the task manager to end it.

  7. hey b4rt the trailer has it own wheel in ets2 like the one on the lifted axle would u change it or leave it like this thx

  8. Bull Hauler in Real life


  9. this needs updated so it can be own able

  10. this needs updated for 1.34 so its own able over just being in the normal market

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