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Western Star 5700 xe ATS 1.33

Date 2018-12-28 14:13

Western Star 5700 xe

Authors: Ben Shefer, Fr3ddy

Buy at Volvo dealer

Original engines, sounds and transmissions

Some tuning options


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13 Responses to Western Star 5700 xe ATS 1.33

  1. zarnevis

    it’s look good. the truck is beautiful. by you need to upload a interior photo because it’s very important. and you should resize this to lower volume. thanks

  2. brad


  3. Freddy Jimmink

    The sound works when You click the first of CAT DD or Cummins engines, after that You can choose heavier engines

  4. DeathCore

    I have 1.33, however I can’t find the truck in the game after activating it in the mod manager.

  5. gertrucker

    If I change the color of the mod, no matter what parts I grow, no sound will be reproduced. Only if I leave it the way it is will there be a sound.

  6. jdwarfer

    The interior is from another model.

    Here’s a video

  7. Freeze

    It’s not hard to make interior. It’s like Coronado+new actross. I’m disappointed nobody can do that mod properly.

  8. Ross

    Does anyone know why it might shudder so much? I notice the whole truck shakes whenever I’m not in the shop mode. I don’t have any physics mods.

  9. TGS

    Western Star Reefer Container Video

  10. Saw this truck and started to get excited, but reading the comments … I’ll pass. Interiors are crucial to me as I only drive/operate in first person view.

  11. Roger Whitney

    Same as Faelandaea

  12. demonicdrake74

    file not found when using link ….. please update or REMOVE the mod

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