7 thoughts on “Western Star 4900ex *1.46*

  1. Alex Bowser

    How do you get the dump or wrecker configuration?

  2. Under the “chassis” configurations, they should be down the very bottom so you may need to scroll down

  3. How does the car hauler unload? Once you get to your delivery point do they just disappear? I drove this type for several years for Anchor Motor Freight and the trailer was never ever disconnected unless it had to be switched out for major repairs. It held 10 Camaros/Firebirds. You drove them on to load and drove them off to unload.

    Only we never had a truck this nice, even with a sleeper. Just a plain old GMC Brigadier. LOL

  4. What happened to the download? The file has disappeared.

  5. Where’s the download hiding?

  6. Anyway to fix the purple wheels when using the car hauler trailer?

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