Wester Star 5700 Optimus Prime ATS 1.0.0 Corrected

Wester-Star-5700-Optimus-Prime-2 Wester-Star-5700-Optimus-Prime-1 Wester-Star-5700-Optimus-Prime-3

It is impossible to use at the same time with Freightliner Coronado.
Dealer: Kenworth
It is registered in gallery.
Three engines 1000 HP are added:
“Cat C13 1000 HP”
“DD Series60 1000 HP”
“ISX12 1000 HP”

Changes in comparison with earlier laid out release:
– Excess folders and files are removed.
– Errors of the squeezed ogg files are eliminated.
– Missing files are added to the folder: / material/

It is checked on all engines.

Authors: TLES Games, Grinder, Correction: losevo58, Manifesto: serega22


24 thoughts on “Wester Star 5700 Optimus Prime ATS 1.0.0 Corrected

  1. The truck is great, but I would like to drive a standart day cab Western Star like this one in picture: http://1-photos.ebizautos.com/new-2016-western_star-5700xe–12179-14507621-1-640.jpg

  2. I love this truck!

  3. Wester Star 5700 Optimus Prime ATS 1.0.0 Исправленный

    Нельзя одновременно использовать с Freightliner Coronado.
    Дилер: Kenworth
    Прописан в галерею.
    Добавлено три двигателя 1000 HP:
    “Cat C13 1000 HP”
    “DD Series60 1000 HP”
    “ISX12 1000 HP”

    Изменения по сравнению с ранее выложенным релизом:
    -Удалены лишние папки и файлы.
    -Устранены ошибки сжатых файлов ogg.
    -Добавлены недостающие файлы в папку: /material/

    Проверен на всех двигателях.

    1. Can you please write in english as we all here (normally)?


  4. This is grinder. thank you so much for your update on this truck :)

  5. How about some different cab styles. Some choices w/o the bling.

    There is just this cab style. :(

  6. The truck is awesome, but the interior is completely rubbish.
    So here is the a million dollars question:
    is it possible to make a cabin like the original truck?
    ty for the mod anyway

  7. Amazing truck! i really enjoy driving it. It looks great, great physics, love the interior but i just don’t get why you added an AK-47 at the back. 3 types of 1000HP engines.

    I love it!! PLEASE MAKE MORE!!

  8. The only one missing Freightliner Argosy Galvatron.

  9. my game crash when I press I on the keyboard!!

  10. The Engine Brake Sounds are not fixed, there are still the old entries.
    You should take care of that.

  11. TLESGames why did you steal this model from Fabio Contier?

  12. Trevor Partridge

    Thank you so much for this truck – I love it.
    It obviously took a lot of work but rest assured it is very much appreciated…again many thanks – it will be a favourite of mine for a long time to come.

  13. how can you change the price of the truck. it feels like cheating and would like to put the price closer to Vanilla and RL pricing.

  14. where is the file located that changes the price of the truck. i would like to change the price to more closer to the Vanilla and RL prices as the low price makes it feel like cheating.

  15. TheRustyRagdoll

    This is Disgusting!!! Why do you even do this?!?! Trucks are not made to be slammed to the ground or even have a ###### look like that…. Jeesh… This ATS/ETS2 comunity is not normal….

  16. Ryan Keller

    hey y’all i love this truck BUT! at some times it may be hard to steer as the steering is very very tight and is hard to turn!… that being said i would rate this mod a 9/10 so very good also! please make other cab configs

  17. Freddy Jimmink

    If there is a modder who can rework the truck, make the hood “normal” and get rid of these terrible exhausts and sound i would like to drive it.

    And yeah make some cabine posibillities.

  18. game crashes everytime when i try to go to the dealer

  19. Can you make the mod compatible with ats version 1.2??
    It just crashes my game

  20. I’m also experiencing crashing issues when using this mod would love to be able to use it!

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