Weather & Graphic mod by ATM

New climates, include Dalton.
In mod new road textures, improved vegetation, grass and water surface.
The activation symbols are replaced by hatches.
Removed signs “Dead End”.

ATM, slavsan93


21 thoughts on “Weather & Graphic mod by ATM

  1. R & T Trucking

    It all works & it looks good BUT it don’t get DARK at night! Please fix this!

    1. I’m sorry, I can not fix anything. This is an old weather mod, a little adapted for the current version of the game.

      1. R & T Trucking

        @Palladium, Can’t fix anything?? I Don’t understand that dude, Who added new road textures, improved vegetation, grass and water surface & The activation symbols?? IF it’s NOT your MOD & You Can’t FIX problems with it take it off the Mod sites then!!

  2. TheGreatSimulator

    HD 1440p Review
    Fantastic mod!

  3. Trucker 1

    I would have to agree with R&T If you can’t fix the problems with this Mod take the #### thing off this site!!!! NO Nights just screws it up BIG Time!

    1. Quit being ignorant and respect the mod for what it is.

      1. You can’t and shouldn’t respect an incomplete work !!

  4. All the textures are in vogue from slavsan93, Wheather & climate from piva. Stolen mod from slavsan93 & piva

  5. For the night, remove climate.sii and env_data.sii (def folder)
    @R & T Trucking, have you done a lot of mods? Do you support them all?

    1. Deputydawg

      Actually he’s right. Since this isn’t your mod you have no right to make money off of it. It should be reported as stolen (because it is since I doubt you have the author’s permission to not only post it but to make money off of his work.)

  6. You guys need to calm down.

    There’s a difference between stealing, and keeping a mod alive.

    Obviously, you guys are too blind to notice that he said that he modified this mod because he liked it, and wanted to fix it so it would work on the newest version of the Sim! Simple!

    You guys should be thankful that we still have modders reviving dead mods. But nope, instead you guys want to accuse him of stealing.

    And how is he making money off of this mod even-though he said he WANTED to revive the mod? This makes no sense. This is why the modding community is going downhill, because people like you guys are constantly bashing modders over small issues.

    If you are annoyed with the nighttime situation, follow his quick-fix that he added, or find a different graphics mod.

    1. K whopper

      I 100% agree wit u ways71 said perfectly bro.

    2. Keith Bulmer

      Even if content is freeware, it is still PROTECTED LEGALLY by Copyright, something you obviously know nothing about. Reverse engineering/modifying someone else’s work and putting on a Global internet website, without their permission, is stealing and illegal, it is endemic on these sites, but, you don’t give a #### about the law, obviously.

      1. Ever heard of a person on the SCS forum named “ShirBlackSpots”?

        Shirblackspots spends most of his time working on the C2C map, OR reviving dead mods. No one has ever complained about his work, because what he’s doing is right.

        So….Why are we complaining about this dude’s revival of a long-lost graphics mod?

        Reviving dead mods IS NOT violating the law, because reviving dead mods is considered helping the modding community. You know, reviving dead mods is what helps the modding community. It’s not as a way to disrespect people’s “rights”…But as a way to respect the community in a whole.

        The modders that I WILL call out as “stealing”, would be people like Mario…Who make mods such as the Hawaii Map and Colorado Map…who blatantly steal mods and make it into their own.

        Heres the difference, the modder who posted this mod, IS NOT intentionally trying to steal. But trying to REVIVE a dead mod. This is a huge difference. The modder has also stated numerous times that he’s REVIVING a mod and not trying to steal it intentionally.

        Yes, I respect the law
        Yes, I call out modders who are blatantly stealing (Like Mario)
        But I respect those who are helping the community by reviving dead mods by authors who quit modding. It expands the life of the modding community, I hope you all see this from my point of view now. Give the dude a break.

        1. ATS Trucker

          @Ways71, WOW dude Have you even READ “slavsan93” Comment??? His 3 Texture mods was stolen to make this mod man! All 3 of his mods are active they are NOT old Mods!!!!!!

  7. K Whopper


  8. slavsan93

    I think you should have mentioned the authors that you brought up the mods from, into this one.
    I have reported this. Sorry.
    Although, the graphics look nice.


  9. for amazing graphics i use reshade and i can modif the clarity colors and other stuff in game on real time for me best software for changing games graphics and about modding comunity yee must of childrens dont apreciate they work free work so ff.. offf theat kind of guys about stealing a dead mod and rebuilt it hmm here can speack only the original author off the mod no others peoples ..

  10. ATS Trucker

    YOU DON’T STEAL OTHER PEOPLE’S MODS about 3 different ones to make this one, That’s why it got reported dude!

  11. L.A. Trucking

    I have a computer that can only go up to 125% scaling. Would this mod help me get the best graphics out of ATS. PLZ let me know. Oh and sorry about the no nights thing. Thats Horrible

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