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Viva Mexico Map 2.3 (Sinaloa) + Compatible C2C & Canadream

Date 2017-06-20 09:11

Compatible ATS 1.6.x
Coast to coast & Canadream

for install with c2c&Canadream, visit:
and more info.

A new state of the Mexican Republic is incorporated! Sonora, new roads, new landscapes, new Mexican atmosphere, new cities, more fun!

Viva Mexico Map 2.3 (SINALOA)

– New Cities:

• Los Mochis
• Guasave
• Guamuchil
• Culiacan
• Mazatlan

-New models 1 for setting (from Franck Peru):

-New models 2 for setting (from MAGO):
• Pemex
• New sings

New Mexican traffic (buses, trucks, police):

-Buses and trucks from JazzyCat
-Traffic and skins (buses) by Ricardo Arango.
-Skins Trucks Mexican companies by Erik Samdeb.
• Coca cola
• Pepsi
• Corona
• Tecate
• Bimbo
• Pemex
• Quaker State
• Walmart
• Alpura
• Castores
• Cemex
• Sabritas
• Comex
• Ford

Federal police:
Authors: CyrusTheVirus, Solaris36 and DaModza Customs
Skin Federal Police: hugoces

-Fixed bugs

-Improved performance

-New loads of PASSENGERS at the Bus Terminals

SCS Software, hugoces, Frank Peru, MAGO


Comments (11)

11 Responses to Viva Mexico Map 2.3 (Sinaloa) + Compatible C2C & Canadream

  1. Mistraou

    Thanks to you all. One question: are there several road connections compared to the previous edition? This is at the moment the only weakness of this interesting map.

  2. Ronny

    leads to the fall Mexico map as well as C2C & Canadream drinne everything on the new-first version has a pity please mistake repair otherwise top map

  3. Mike Jost

    Sorry, but every Version of this Map crashes my Game

  4. Bludlok

    Crashes games – apparently issues with models (‘bus1’ instead of ‘model.bus1’ etc. is reported in game log. I run with Canadream, C2C and Project West, which worked previously together.. All these updated to latest, but game crashes now.
    Suggested someone checks this properly….

    • Forester

      Maybe you should find out what other people did for their map order. Project West might need to be higher than Viva Mexico.

  5. Tepy

    Standalone it works perfectly. Perfect job!

  6. Yes! Standalone it works perfectly. But again does not work with C2C & Canadream!
    Very very sorry

  7. Ron198980

    People do not download this map from here or any other mod pages as it contains many errors and bugs, always download the map directly from the author’s website where you will find instructions on how to activate it.


    • Hitman822

      Just went to their site. Downloaded the map with now issues. Attempted to download the models and the links take you to places that attempts to upload Adware and Malware to my computer. This happen on both Model links. Sorry, but unable to get them for this map.

  8. rolfili

    Great work but i cant make passengers show on cargo list even i start many fresh profile but nothing happens

  9. bonsoir+il+y+as+des+bugs+sur+la+map+a+cause+de+manque+de+route+dans+la+zone+de+chiuhaha+au+total+7+villes+sans+routes+merci+de+faire+le+nécessaire

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