USA Police Traffic 1.4.x

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Adds police cars to traffic, with sirens and lights.
Various skins, cities: Los Ángeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Tucson, Phoenix… and Highway patrols Nevada, Arizona and California.

Only for ATS 1.4.x


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Authors: CyrusTheVirus, Solaris36, DaModza Customs


19 thoughts on “USA Police Traffic 1.4.x

  1. make Border Patrol skin, please.

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      Maybe on later version…

  2. Officer27


    1. CyrusTheVirus

      Sorry but I think not good (too much police cars xDD)

  3. crimson foxx

    Awesome mod!. Sound is spot on and detail on police cars is really good and the lights are realistic too. Only request if possible on any future update is can these cars appear just a little less frequently? They seem to be appearing quite often and would be nice if they seem more rare on a road-trip as there is still the regular ATS police cars also on the roads. I am using a mod that creates less police cars but i think thats only effecting the default ATS police. Great mod though and enjoying it :)

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      Hi. Thank you for your comment.
      The spawn freq is set to 0.30.
      0.30 frequency is ok with the ai traffic pack and classic traffic pack by jazzycat.
      You can easily modify the spawn frequency in def/country files.
      Open the state folder you want to change and edit the “traffic.usa_police.sii” file.
      To change all you must edit the three “traffic.usa_police.sii” files, on folders arizona, california and nevada in “def/country”.
      When you see 0.30 change to 0.20 or 0.10. Close saving changes and test it. :-)

  4. very awesome work! but can it be changed that police cars dont stop on redlights while they have sirens and lights on as they should then rush to an emergency?

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      Yes, top realistic but…..
      It’s not possible (for the moment).
      Game not allowed this.

    2. Actually, it’s illegal for any vehicle to enter an intersection on a red light, without first stopping before proceeding. That includes all first responding vehicles, (police, fire and ambulance).

  5. scania_dragon

    a big step to more reality. Great work CyrusTheVirus! Thank you very much for sharing.

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      I’m glad you like it. :-)

  6. Horror_LP

    Well,then we need to talk to SCS Software! Let them make this possible, so that you can optimize your mod! ^^ And, sure it is already a perfect mod. ^^

  7. crimson foxx




    1. CyrusTheVirus

      You must open the main mod file: “_Traffic_ATS__USA_Police_traffic_ATS_1.4.x_by_CyrusTheVirus.scs”
      with winrar for example and you can see few folders.
      Open DEF and then COUNTRY and you’ll can see ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, NEVADA.
      There are one file into these folders called “traffic.usa_police.sii”. You can open easily with windows notepad, worpad, word…(an text editor) and once open seek for “0.30” spawn rate. Change it to 0.20 (less freq) or 0.10 (even less freq).
      Make the same changes on the three files and saving changes and that’s all.
      Test it! :-)

      1. “_Traffic_ATS__USA_Police_traffic_ATS_1.4.x_by_CyrusTheVirus.scs” is not a rar file?

  8. Thank you CyrusTheVirus, your explaination works perfect. I’ve changed the .30 to .10 and now I must say this is a great mod. I have a question: In the traffic.usa_police.sii file there ar some lines with a “0.00” spawn rate. Can I change them to a “0.10” spawn rate also?

  9. “_Traffic_ATS__USA_Police_traffic_ATS_1.4.x_by_CyrusTheVirus.scs” this file is not compressed so cant open it with Winrar , Regards Oldgu

  10. WarthogCC

    I love this mod but changing the spawn frequency has no effect. I changed all the spawn frequencies to from 0.30 and 0.10 to 0.01 and left the ones marked 0.00 alone. There are still hundreds of police cars.

    Also, I noticed you have some named ***on.sii and some named ***of.sii. The ones named ***of.sii do not have sound. So I thought if I set the spawn frequency of the ones named ***on.sii to 0.00 that it might remove the ones with the sirens only. Correct? Or will that mess things up?

  11. add this to the steam work shop plz

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