USA Offroad Map v 1.0.0

USA-Offroad-3 USA-Offroad-2 USA-Offroad-1

Map addon for ATS v1.0.0

It adds a road from Bakersfield to Primm. (More roads are coming!)

Installation instructions:
Step 1: read this readme carefully.
Step 2: Put USA offroad map by Rob Viguurs in your documents -> American truck simulator -> mods.
Step 3: Start the game and make NEW profile.
Step 4: Activate the mod.
Step 5: Select the game MODULE ”USA offroad map” (if you don’t select the game module the map won’t work)
Step 6: Play the game.
Extra!: Download my economy mod and only throw the economy file in your mod folder. only activate the mod
(The economy mod is for beter XP and realistic payouts because this mod edits the time of day and night and the miles/km for more realism.)

Authors: Rob Viguurs (Map maker), Christiaan Van Huizen (Map tester)


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21 thoughts on “USA Offroad Map v 1.0.0

  1. Requirepants

    I am going to try the map right now I hope you guys keep updating it. Keep up with the good workshop ☺

  2. how do i Select the game MODULE ?

  3. Sasquatch

    American/Euro Truck is a street driving and shipping simulator. It doesn’t simulate offroad physics beyond angle of surfaces, hard collision, and traction loss by ‘surface type’. There is no good reason to create offroading maps for American/Euro Truck since it isn’t driveable on those terrain types and suspension simulation on those surfaces isn’t realistic..

  4. Goba? Sign in ;-)

  5. Rob Viguurs

    Sasquatch: don’t play it then. I make it for fun and for entertainment for other people that don’t want the drive on offroad all dat long, sometimes it is fun to go offroad, and look to australia, trucks are driving there on this kind of road. And why have the developers made some sand roads then. And i have a reason to make it and that is because i love to give people diversity and fun and for myself i love to make it and share it to the Players.

    C13: what do you mean Goba signin?

    1. Rob i don’t care what other people think it’s just that scs software didn’t think of gravel road pyhics. Im going try the map in another hour or 2. Keep going with the map also are these real life off road roads your making? i just love country roads and dirt roads.

      Goba is another user who makes off road maps as well. So C13 is thinking your him.

  6. Where do i find the dirt road when im in game ?

    1. Rob Viguurs

      Have you selected the module? Make new profile, activatie the mod, then where you choose your truck and name there you van select the module. And sorry i thought that that commet of sadquatch was a offense. But for info i am making lot of new roads and i plan to add a whole state, and i am fixing the gps bug and some others. If people like the map now already i like to add a whole continent or even go to Alaska and Making the Dalton highway and so on. And c13 i am not goba, this is my first map.

      1. I think Hawkbs is already making the dalton highway also your economy mod is broke after i got to lv 3 after parking i put 3 skills on long distance and all i got was jobs to the city i was already in.

  7. I just finished Driving through the Dirt road Nice work man,you should just put a small bridge over the water as it doesn’t rely add anything special water does not make ripples as SCS are to lazy to add any physics on water I was hoping they would have but that sucks.keep going with the Map add more little bumps

    1. Rob Viguurs

      Yes there is a lot of new roads in the make, and i will fix the water part. Thanks :)

  8. экономика на карте очень плохая.расстояния между городами вообще абсурд.
    день работаеш,а проехал 70км.

    1. Rob Viguurs

      English please

      1. He’s saying that the economy in the mod is bad and the cities are too far from each other.
        I myself think the map is very nice.

  9. Experimental Trucker

    Hello Rob Viguurs. Appreciate the addon with the map. Looking forward to more places to travel & explore.

    and Here’s my delivery run through the map.
    Picked up cargo in Elko
    Explored the USA Offroad Map Addon
    Delivered cargo in Bakersfield 106 Mile Delivery Run

    1. Rob Viguurs

      Thanks! Great video mate :) and yes soon i post new update, there are more roads in the Making right now, and i am planning to make it big and good. And i hope when Arizona is out that it is stil works

  10. Роб Viguurs
    Переводчик Google

  11. Rob Viguurs

    Economy on the map very plohaya.rasstoyaniya between cities in general is absurd.
    rabotaesh day and drove 70km.

    1. Rob Viguurs

      Yea, it is not the economy mod that changes the time and km, the economy mod only changes price and XP. The scale of the map is vanilla 1/34 and in this map mod 1/3, the meaning of that is for more immersive and realism, But the map is going to be bigger and bigger over up coming weeks so it should be no problem

  12. Hi i’m new to this and looking for a solution to my problem. Unfortunately for me i can’t get USA offroad to work. When i initially activated the mod with my CSC,canada,mexico,aK & Australia mod my profile loaded with no problem, but i couldn’t tell where the offroad locations were so i deactived it. I tried new profile with nothing but the mod and thouhgt i selected USA offroad.mdb, but it crashed. Now even though i’ve created and deleted many new profiles to get it to work, it comes up with 3 reasons for not loading. Problem loading save:

    1.incompatible with other mods. (its the only one though) contains information missing from the mod. corrupted by poorly made mod.
    4.PC crashed shortly after saving process, corrupting mod.

    to 2,3 and 4 apply after i deactived it from my main profile, i tried by itself, but must’ve missing selecting the mdbso it crashed, now no matter what i do i can’t get it to load. I removed cache from yesterday and today, when this started, and checked integrity of files on steam which was good, but no luck. Can anyone suggest a solution.

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