Updated UDL VTC Pete 389 Low Roof Sleeper Paint

V1.02 This skin has been optimized for better frame rate, slight design tweaks for better look with positions. This is the Uncle D Logistics VTC Pete 389 Low Roof Sleeper Paint (works best with low roof) Has not been tested on Pete 389 Day Cab or Pete 389 Full Sized Sleeper, use those at your risk for now, If needed I’ll make skins for those models. Uncle D Studios Uncle D Skins © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Uncle D Studios © 2017


3 thoughts on “Updated UDL VTC Pete 389 Low Roof Sleeper Paint

  1. It works fine for the day cab and the hi-rise BUT I just had to go in and fix the line that’s on the right side of the truck because it was missed up a little bit and while I was on the dds file I added the stripe to the parts you missed and changed the cab roof to the blue color. I can’t believe how much parts on the templates a lot of the older skin modders miss, but hey, what does this newer modder know. Hell, I sure figured out a lot, without help from other seasoned modders I may add witch I have asked for help in the passed. Funny they say don’t steal but yet I see they steal from newbie’s. That’s ok, it’s a two way street and I’ll keep fixing y’alls bad mods.

  2. WOW you seem like one hell of a #######. How about you unblock me from commenting on Steam so I can tell the parts you miss on the template or better yet I could release my edits on your badly made skin. Btw ya dumbass, I could be older then you. Man I sure do know now what the “D” stands for in your name. Uncle Dickhead, eh.

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