22 thoughts on “Truckstop TA v 0.01 by DeXtor

    1. you animal ######

    2. Trucker_bob

      dude.. wha tha truck are you linking a crash test with this? dude… ur a jurk ( I know its not an u but an e)

      1. Pilot_Rob

        Did you really have to explain that??

  1. Pictures? Video’s? Comments? Anything of detail?

  2. Details? Videos? Pictures?

  3. Trucker_bob

    you lot are all thick as i am i ever seen any of you id smack you so hard people like gobo need a a good smack

    1. Trucker_bob

      serieus are you stealing my name? woaw.. how low can you go

      1. BobbyCantho

        Yeah well.. Trucker Bob, I follow you everytime , this is not what kind of sentences you use. U got kind of a watermark, and this ID Stealer is not you. woaw.. If u haven’t replay that fake trucker bob, I didnt even saw it.. coz I’m not really reading anyone elses replay XD

    2. Valvidmir

      ###### ##### ID STEALING PRIK! GO FUQ YOURSELF WHY U STEALING Trucker_bobs his name? Every mod post I see Trucker_bobs commands and I see Directly the second post of Trucker_Bob is fake! qoute ” you lot are all thick as i am i ever seen any of you id smack you so hard people like gobo need a a good smack” thats not what kind of language he use. get been Chocked by a OREO! ублюдка!

  4. bigtall10

    This Angel guy needs to be banned with he’s ###### crash test video! He links it with so many random mod! THE HELL?

    But any details on this???

  5. Dbanker96

    this mod crashes my game, might want to look into it

  6. Guys this mod does not replace any fuel stations/truck stops in the game it just adds one separate truck stop in 1 location, would be better if all the truck stops were big like this

  7. KIDS-please!!! Dont write this bullshit, and learn HOW use mods..this mod work normal ok?? See: https://flic.kr/p/EK4JqE and-https://flic.kr/p/EBP2eY :D :D :D

  8. Its not just a truck stop. Its the map with a truck stop. Ive tested and just like other maps addons which ever is on top in the manager overwrites the lower map.

    Modder needs to make this just a truck stop mod and not a map mod or allow the TA truck stop to be used by MHAPro(Heavy Alex) in his map Im sure Alex would help him out.

  9. Heavy Alex

    Hi DeXtor,

    is it posible that I can use that your MOD in my map MOD ?? … I can’t see any mail here that I can contact you … if is so, can you contact me please on my mail :

    [email protected]

    thank you on your answer , time ;)



  10. TomFoolery

    I’ve tested this on a profile with mods as well as fresh profiles with no mods… It does replace an existing gas station, but there is nowhere to fuel up and the location does not show on my minimap.

  11. Awesome now we just need “Loves, Flying J”

  12. friendlymoder

    where do i find it
    can anyone plz tell me

  13. friendlymoder

    where can i find the truck stopn

  14. Linkonhawks

    TA looks nice from what I CAN NOT see but um come on something more sell it a little give us something to look at cause this isn’t even worth downloading to then find out that it’s ####

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