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This is the truck pack containing various trucks made by modders in recent days that were ported to ATS. Models don’t belong to me, however I’ve made them compatible with one another, removed unnecessary addons that were causing game to crash or malfunction, making all trucks available to buy or drive through quick jobs as well as AI.

Truck List:
Kenworth T600 Day Cab,
Kenworth T800,
Freightliner XL,
Freightliner FLB,
Freightliner Argosy.

All of them available at Kenworth Truck Dealer.

More trucks will come as modding progresses.

1. AI Addon.scs
2. Dealer Update.scs
3. Truck Pack.scs
4. Kenworth T600.scs

Kenworth T800 and T600 are available as Ai vehicles as well in multiple variants. All trucks, excluding Freightliner XL are available in multiple variants in quick jobs. If you want to drive Fred XL, you gotta buy it, and it’s also VERY expensive so work your way up for it 😉

Truck parts are locked to levels accordingly so you have that ‘vanilla’ feel of the game.

Sadly, I don’t plan on including any Peterbilts that are released right now since I found them not good enough just yet or faced problems merging them.

Please excuse me for not remembering modders names at all.

Authors: Various Modders, Alabeo


21 thoughts on “Trucks Pack

  1. Trucker_bob

    Sick dude! Thankyou VERY MUCH!

  2. Download via Browser, doesnt need anything to install. Plus, Mega is pretty fast.
    Works great.

  3. You can easily download via browser on mega site:) So feel free to try it. And good job who made this nice pack:)

    1. Vad 44575

      But I can`t download this file via browser. It strictily recomends to install MEGAsync and my browser (Mozilla Firefox) doesn`t do anything to download this file without MEGAsync.

  4. Thank you sir!It solved compatibility problems between some of them. Could you include the Freightliner Century and the W900a in an update?Also, could you make a similar pack for the Peterbilt trucks?Thanks again

  5. You can download it without using downloader. Just click the grey icon saying “Download through browser”.

    1. Vad 44575

      No, I can`t. It doesn`t download anything this way/

  6. I have an issue with Kenworth T800 Origin Interior saying missing textures on the steering wheel? The load order is in correct order.

    1. Also trucks aren’t showing in quick job images, and when i click to start the job it crashes the game.

      1. Loading order…..

        1. Load order was correct, However i re downloaded the files which were corrupted somehow, Thanks for the reply though, All working now :)

  7. Very good job bro, thx.

    Some little error in console but all seem to work fine.

  8. Thumbs up! This is great.

    One thing though: If you press the i-key in the Freightliner FLB Low Cab, the game crashes.

    Everything else is very nice.

  9. Superb compilation! May be a good idea to keep this updated for future releases too and to possibly add that high quality W900 which is floating around from turbosquid (think kriechbaum use it?) and stuff. I would say some level locks are tiny bit severe but overall seems well put together so thank you!

  10. Trucker_bob

    GREAT MOD! dont know how you added trucks and not replace the trucks instead. Could do more adding trucks in game plx

  11. Could you please write down how much each costs?

  12. Awesome mod! This is some seriously good work. Keep it going :D

  13. Trucker_bob

    could you make please a pick with some of these trucks?
    Ford CLT 9000 ‘Frisk L9C’
    Freightliner Argosy
    Freightliner Century Class ‘Forerunner 21C’
    Freightliner Classic
    Freightliner Columbia
    Freightliner Columbia CL120
    Freightliner Coronado
    International 8600
    International 8600 ‘Intrepid 8600’
    International 8600 Sleeper
    International 9200 Eagle
    1988 International 9300 Eagle
    International 9400 Eagle
    International 9900i
    Kenworth K-100
    Kenworth T-2000
    Kenworth T-600
    Kenworth T-800
    Kenworth W-900
    Mack CH 613
    Mack Vision CX 613
    Mack Super-Liner
    Mack Metro-Liner
    Mack Trident / axle forward or back
    Mack Titan
    Peterbilt 320
    Peterbilt 351
    Peterbilt 357
    Peterbilt 362
    Peterbilt 379
    Peterbilt 385
    Peterbilt 387
    Peterbilt 352
    Peterbilt 389
    Western Star 4864
    Western Wtar 4800
    Western Star 4900
    Western Star 6900
    Ford Transcontinental
    Ford LTL9000

    1. Trucker_bob

      what? pick???? I wanna say is could you please make a same mod as this mod but than with some (5 atleast) of these list I gave you.

      1. If any of these mods will get released and will be high quality enough to put them in, they will be included.

  14. Hello thanks guy ! But ur link is down. if u can re upload =) thanks you !

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