5 thoughts on “Trailes Pack

  1. Uploader, please fix the Western skin. If you compare to my original from ETS2 you that you are basing my skins from, you will see that the ATS version you did has the sides wrong. You need to put the left side on the right side thus bringing the images to the front right side and vice versa for the other side. My imported Celadon you did appears to look pretty sweet from the uploaded pic though. :) And PLEASE put your name on these copies too because they are not my original ETS2 skins imported exactly as I made them before. There are “differences”. Overall, pretty good job though and a worthy shot at reproducing them!

  2. Yea, the perpatrator has been nailed again!!!! I whole hearted agree if ya do davids skins and can”t get them right because of dislexia put your trademark on them in stead of cowering in the shadows. but remember to include DAVID’s name too.
    Now- david how about some competation and you create some combos he can not do with roberts help I have plenty of open storage to put them in please !!

    1. lol Thank you James! :) I appreciate your support man. I did upload my Celadon truck skin last night for the Volvo VNL 670. I tried to upload another truck skin here but it was rejected because it was a beer skin I did from ETS2. No beer skins allowed I was told. Hey, at least I had a wee bit of enthusiasm again. Who knows if the combo fever will hit me again. lol

      1. Could it be !! No drinking and driving in the game ! Or just a compliance thing ? Who says games are totally an image thing. Glad to see ya again and I downloaded ya truck .

        1. Not sure man as I found 2 Budweiser truck skins in this site as well as a trailer pack with a Budweiser trailer in it. Oh well. If you want the Beer Store VNL 670 skin, I posted it up on Robert’s facebook page where he puts up all his stuff…aka Bobbo662. Oh and thanks man!

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