7 thoughts on “Trailers with animated animals in traffic (Horses and Cows) v2.3 ATS 1.44 and 1.45

  1. Is this compatible with Jazzycats mods? This looks cool and unique as well. Actually surprised its traffic ai mod.

    1. Владимир

      Yes, compatible.

  2. Владимир

    Этот мод Запрещается выкладывать на сайте: playground.ru
    This mod is forbidden to spread on the site: playground.ru

    1. Привет Володь, а чем мод отличается от оригинала который Todor выкладывал?

  3. @Владимир

    Thank you.

  4. hi
    I have always have CTD in v1.46 when using this one:
    [model] Unknown variant name ‘hook’ on model ‘/vehicle/ai/ford_smax/ai.pmd’
    [model] Unknown variant named ‘hook’ in model ‘/vehicle/ai/ford_smax/ai.pmc’.
    [traffic_vehicle] Error computing chassis bounding box! Please check the collision file. (/vehicle/ai/ford_smax/ai.pmc)

  5. Jayden Gaming

    Theosz No way! I opened the comment section to see your comment posted ONE SECOND AGO! what are the odds… but yeah here to report the same problem.

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