Trailer Pack Container 20ft v 2.0


Tested version
The trailer is standalone
The trailer are in traffic
Compatible with all trailer packs
Reskinned Chassis to have Black Fenders and added back Logo’s

Authors: SCS, Bora, Kamaz, Kaseschuh, Ventures, Nordish, Fred_be

Converted and Reskinned By: Zetor165Maxterra

* Respect the download link *

SCS, Bora, Kamaz, Kaseschuh, Ventures, Nordish, Fred_be, Zetor165Maxterra


20 thoughts on “Trailer Pack Container 20ft v 2.0

  1. Heavy Alex

    I hope you’ll make fast that for 1.2 version too !!

  2. matdom1988

    Pour commencer il est interdit de reprendre cette remorque.
    Les textures appliquer sur cette version son moche.
    Vous ne respecter même pas l’auteur en sortant un pack comme celui-la.

    1. First off you didn’t even help make this because I toke all the authors of the original mod and put in here. Second off who are you to say I can’t convert a mod that’s even your’s! For your information I spend my time and messaged Fred_be and asked him if it was ok to convert this mod and he said yes. Sorry to get so mad but your trying to make me sound like a thief and a bad modder when I’m not and the texture’s aren’t ugly the only thing ugly here is your comment.

    2. here’s the mod I converted if your name is missing from the author’s list then I have no power over that and why are you getting mad about me converting I gave all the authors and toke no credit for anything besides converting and reskinning.

  3. * Respect the download link * – ironical :)

  4. Euro Trucker goes to the USA

    Aren’t those Euro trailers ??

  5. matdom1988

    vous avez demander permission a fred_be qui lui même a voler le mod. LOL
    Après vous viendrai pleurer que plus personne ne fait de mod.

  6. matdom1988

    Cette remorque vient du pack de bora “SCS patch 1.4” qui est locker. Il a retiré son pack a cause des gens qui reprenne ses remorques.
    Il ne partagera plus rien maintenant.
    Dommage car lui est son équipe faisais du très beau travail.

    1. Ok well I had no idea about that sorry. I was just told I could convert mod’s for Fred_be and I’ve also been working on converting some of the other container mods they’ve made. I don’t think Bora would have a problem seeing I’m giving him the credit and not claiming it to be mine you know

      1. But I don’t know him so can’t say and sorry to get so mad at you there’s alot of people that will just say stuff like that make you look bad you know but it’s all good now so

  7. matdom1988

    Pas de probléme zetor mais quand tu vois un mod avec “Bora” dans les crédits, ne le prends pas, car Bora ne veux pas que l’on reprenne ses mods.

    1. Ok thanks again for letting me know about this what should I do with these other two mods I’ve been working on and was going to release and should I just remove this name or what do you say I should do?

  8. matdom1988

    vous pouvez les convertir pour ATS, mais garder les privée pour vous.

    1. Ok bro will do and Fred_be is still uploading tons of stuff with his name on it so

  9. matdom1988

    On peut pas empêcher le piratage.
    Moi même quand j’ai débuter les skins j’ai pirater certain mod.
    J’étais débutant je savais pas trop comment sa fonctionner.
    Aujourd’hui je regrette d’avoir fait cela.

    Après vous faites comme vous voulez, je n’ai aucun pouvoir sur vous.

    1. Yeah I gotta I’m not going to upload them I’ll start on another mod I had planned

  10. @Zetor165Maxterra
    Good job dude,very good , thank u for sharing this awesome trailers.
    Thanks , keep going & convert for ets2 please !

    1. Thanks for your support and nice comment

  11. doesn’t work with ATS V 1.2.

    1. Did for me works fine may be a mod conflict on your side

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