Traffic Density mod for ATS 1.6

For 1.6
Mod update for 1.6 game version.

Fixed issues for work in 1.6.
Increased traffic density.
AI traffic.without accidents.
Increased train length
Increased safe distance beween trains.
Fixed str_param for police cars
Reduced police activity.
Reduced weight station calls.

Warning. California speedlimits set to 75 mph.

Piva, SCS

DOWNLOAD 72 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 72 KB [Uploadfiles]

3 thoughts on “Traffic Density mod for ATS 1.6

  1. спасибо!

  2. stoked_dude

    I highly suggest removing the messing around with the speed limits. I think it should be set at realistic speeds.

  3. kevinthebrain

    Please make a “traffic density” mod. Without the non-traffic density nonsense.

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