Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2012 V1 1.43


– Custom UI with functional odo & gear display
– Functional speedometer along with fuel, oil temperature etc
– Openable Front Windows
– Wipers work accurately
– Indicator & Wiper stalk animation
– Stock and Facelift centre console (interior)
– Interior Cabin Accessories
– Stock and Facelift Sideskirts
– Stock, Facelift and VXR front and back
– Rear trim accessory (Facelift only)
– Tow Hook accessory
– Paint and Chrome door handles & outside rear view mirrors (ORVMS)
– Flag pole accessory for left & right front fenders
– Wind deflectors accessory
– 2 rims (Stock & VXR)
– Can be attached with a compatible trailer (Accidental car trailer included as a standard offering)
– High-quality exterior & interior
– Excellent driveability
– Realistic engine & transmission configuration

*To achieve the top speed, slot the car into the 4th gear*

Q: Where to purchase it?:
A: Truck Dealers > Access Mod Dealer > Toyota


DN Modding, Nimit, Slav Jerry


5 thoughts on “Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2012 V1 1.43

  1. Stephen Pullen

    Your host site for your mods is unreachable

  2. finally a decent SUV that I can travel.
    the American way

  3. drove this car for 2 hrs from Casper to Billingham
    1. change the physics. the car above 80mph is shaking
    2. the sound and cabin insolation needs reading
    3. pillar of the windscreen is too thick. maybe its the car irl but still is good.
    4. make more interior option . not every LC is luxurius.i

    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback! Regarding physics, I’ve no control on them as the game is originally designed for trucks and not for high speeds of cars.

      I’ll look into the sound insulation.

  4. this mode sucks the way the piller of the car is way to big

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