Tire Whine & Gravel Sound Mod v1.0.0 For American Truck Simulator v1.43

Tire Whine & Gravel Sound Mod

This mod replaces the default tire whine noise and gravel noise

**Please Do Not Edit The Files!!**

You may find bugs, if you do, report them in the comments section

**DO NOT Re-Upload to Steam or any other sites without my permission or you will be reported!!!**

**Do Not hesitate to tell me if anyone Re-Uploaded this mod to Steam or any other sites without my permission, so I can report them**

Please checkout my YouTube Channel:)


Please Join my Discord for feedback

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/xDnQPyDP

Happy Trucking and Please Be Safe:)

trainguy_gaming, Drive Safely, Kriechbaum


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