The Cozad Lowbed for ATS 1.40 Ownable

The Cozad Lowbed by Dwade and many others updated to 1.40 Ownable
Updated 4/18/21

Dwade, Jab, Sib3rius, Ivan, Scott, pete379jp, Rbr-duk, Classik, SCS, Ventyres, Xxxxx, Ysup12, Bansheewoj, Azilyirnizam, 3dRegenerator, Tedesko Anton, josemaria deespona, Jean, Luis, Azam, Ravi, North, Kim waters


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2 thoughts on “The Cozad Lowbed for ATS 1.40 Ownable

  1. wdbames2

    This mod is from ATS 1.39

  2. Trailer drags the road at times and causes damage or throws your truck out of control.

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