Tesla Semi Truck with Trailer 2019 (ATS 1.31.x)

-2 Cabins
-A very modern and minimalist interior
-Two screens on both sides of the steering wheel, navigation route
-2 Chassis
-Trice of 6×4
-Automatic system

The Tesla Semi Truck looks very modern and futuristic.
It is a real high quality model, with detailed interior.
The doors can be opened.

Tesla Semi Truck is ready to be tested in ATS.

Note: In this model, battery charge, sound or some detail, is not affiliated or supported at the moment for obvious reasons, or may be the model you are watching. For now enjoy the mod!

SCS, Franck Peru, Yekko Yek, Argarwen, Andis Kreps



55 thoughts on “Tesla Semi Truck with Trailer 2019 (ATS 1.31.x)

  1. How do I sort the files? In the manager all samples are the same! From which trader can I buy this truck? Please give more information!

    1. Deputydawg

      You can buy it in the peterbilt dealership.

      1. Dalton Fehr

        doesn’t appear in the peterbilt dealership, or kenworth

      2. No you cannot.

    2. I downloaded and installed this.
      It shows up in my mod manager.
      I added it.
      No Tesla truck in the Peterbilt dealership.
      No Tesla truck in the Volvo dealership.
      No Tesla truck in the Kenworth dealership.

      Started a new profile. No other mods present.
      No Tesla truck in the Peterbilt dealership.

      What gives?

    3. you have to click access mod dealer to get the truck guys

    4. I upload a file didn’t work The mod

  2. Digital X

    Interesting, did not expect to see this so soon.

  3. I_Love_Christina





  4. Ats Gamer

    Hello Franck, I have a problem: When i drive the tesla, it’s very lagy. Is don´t my hardware, I think the truck has a lot of strange textures or functions that can be optimized.

    My hardware:
    CPU: Intel Core i7-7500k
    GPU: AMD Radeon R5
    RAM: 16GB

    adn the game buyed from Steam. Please fix it becouse i have waited a lot for this truck. Thanks from Spain!

    1. I have a i3 in my pc along with a geforce gtx 560 (overclocked using msi afterburner obviously) and 8 gb of ram on one stick in my pc. And the only lag I have is when I enter and exit menus that load the truck.

      1. Btw a geforce gtx 560 is rather old like 2007 – 2008 old

  5. Not working on low computers

  6. Anders Holmgren


    1. Anders Holmgren

      any modders of this truck that discord? plz invite me to ur discord.

  7. Joseph McCray

    Need to add a resettable trip meter and Cruise Control engage/disengage meter. Took it on a 400 mile test drive and it rode well.

  8. Bruno Latour

    Very fun truck! Now my main truck. What order should we put the files tho in the mod manager menu?

    The interior is glitchy alot sometimes,wishing it could be fixed. Other then that it is a very unique truck and I thank you alot!

    1. Bruno Latour

      Forgot to say that the left screen in the dash is not the same thing as the real deal. It normally has a speedometer and a white background in Tesla’s officially released pictures.

      Runs a little rough with graphics and the entire game in general. Hoping the first official version will run smoother :) Big fan of this mod and am excited to see it run as smooth as velvet.

  9. There is a template with but you can not skin it

    1. you have to launch the game with opengl then the textures are there but for some reason whenever i launch with opengl the textures show but the game freezes

  10. Joe McCray


  11. Hello, is it possible to get 3d model from this truck ? I will make it in Arma 3 as a mod. It woud be fantastic if you can contact me on steam.


  12. There are no proper install instructions, so you don’t know which order to put the files. You also don’t know what to do with the extra archive that has skins. Plus all the bugs with this model, I’m pretty sure the author just rushed to get the model out.

  13. Oobixiehard

    How do you activate the automatic system?

  14. Axel ruiz lopez

    alguien sabe por que se pone la pantalla en ##### cuando entro al concesionario se escucha el juego pero no se ve imagen lo probé en una lap y paso eso de la pantalla negra al igual que lo puse en una pc con una tarjeta gráfica 1050 y no funciono me hiso lo mismo alguien que me ayude ???

  15. meniplays

    very lag mod in my pc and crash ;-;

  16. Textures are glitchy on exterior, files didnt load correctly i assume, freezes and crashes everytime i try to customize. anyone know how to fix this?

  17. I_Love_Christina

    I will say again everyone else seems to be have a steering wheel visible but in my case there is no steering wheel?

    although the steering wheel does show up on new profile so?

    1. Hitman101

      I have the same problem, I can put the steering wheel on.

  18. Timothy Rooney

    I cant get the truck everywhere I search I can’t find the truck to buy it can you help me?

  19. Caleb Thornsbury

    how can i get the outside texture on the truck?

  20. Not sure which website the authors of this mod use for feedback (haven’t found anything on Google) or if they just check back here but here are a couple of issues that I have noticed…

    The right side mirror is sometime glitching, as in not reflecting in real time but just a frozen image from the last time you gave a look at it. Recentering the view and watching the mirror again fixes it… till the next time it glitches.

    High quality is nice but optimization is better, this truck seems a little too much for the game to handle. Now to be fair the experience is smooth while driving (no stuttering, no FPS loss, advisor working fine as far as I am concerned) and it’s probably the most important but opening any menu takes from a couple of seconds to a dozen for the game to react, worst being the truck dealer taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

    Otherwise it’s a fun truck to drive. I have no idea how realistic it is but it is still a cool truck to drive. So I’m keeping an eye and hoping for fixes and optimization :)

  21. Very+nice+truck+only+two+problems,+handles+like+a+boat+and+braking+to+slow+compared+to+other+trucks.+If+you+could+later+on+add+a+higher+top+speed+engine,+very+cool!

  22. oke… nasty truck, the shape, model, its not a truck this is a weird shaped vehicle that needs to be crushed by a tank

  23. I have a VERY low end PC … this thing is over a decade old … and the truck works great on it. Folks saying the truck lags are having other issues. But the truck works fine.

  24. where+can+you+get+it+from?

  25. I made a few changes to this mod giving the option for a 300/500mi range and only one transmission and engine choice. I uploaded to this site but its not showing up yet, so here is the link.


    1. I thought I should ask if it was ok first, so I removed the link.

      1. IS there any way you could put that link up just temporarily because whenever I download this one I have missing textures. Idk if it is the way I am ordering them in the mod manager or what

        1. Did you find a fix for the texture issue? I am having the same problem.

  26. I+thought+I+should+ask+if+was+ok+first,+so+I+removed+the+link.

  27. Stay clear from this mod. If you decide to uninstall it, DLC trucks are going to disappear from dealerships. For instance I can’t purchase Kenworth W900 anymore.

  28. Does this still work

  29. RedJohn89

    it’s not working on ATS!
    When I choose this mod on gallery, game crashed!
    If it fixed tell me :)

  30. Hi



  31. I got the Tesla to work but I cannot find the trailer which I really want does anybody know why I can’t find the trailer

  32. how+did+you+get+it+to+work?

  33. ANyone elses computer crashing when they select this truck? which order do we put the files in?

  34. This mod causes insane lag i cant even load the model. I don’t even have a bad pc or anything.

    Rtx 2060

    Ryzen 2400g

    16 Gbs Ram

  35. Please upload this to the Steam Workshop, makes it easier, and actually possible for cloud gaming users!

  36. how do you install this

  37. does anyone know the load order for this truck cant figure it out?

  38. Erick Lopez

    Podrian actualizar este mod para la 1.41 o para la 1.40 por favor que una vez lo probe y tenia ordenador muy biejo ahora tengo uno mas potente pero necesito desactualizar el juego y es lo que no quiero

  39. Whenever I try to buy the semi or customize it, the game freezes and instantly crashes. I think I have the wrong version. Can you tell me the version it’s avalabile on or the problem in general?

  40. TruckLover

    I have a question.. How did you get the semi to be in your game? I put it in my mods folder and it still doesn’t work.

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