Tesla Semi Truck 2019 [1.34]

-2 Cabins
-A very modern and minimalist interior
-Two screens on both sides of the steering wheel, navigation route
-2 Chassis
-Trice of 6×4
-Automatic system
– ATS 1.34

The Tesla Semi Truck looks very modern and futuristic.
It is a real high quality model, with detailed interior.
The doors can be opened.

Tesla Semi Truck is ready to be tested in ATS.

Note: In this model, battery charge, sound or some detail, is not affiliated or supported at the moment for obvious reasons, or may be the model you are watching. For now enjoy the mod!



42 thoughts on “Tesla Semi Truck 2019 [1.34]

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.34…


  2. If I were a trucker and told to drive this truck I would retire that day!

    1. And you’ll be replaced by AI driving system immediately

      1. Good luck sending AI on anything other than straight long flat roads

        1. I’m not the person who need to be convince of it )))

        2. LOL As a Tesla FSD Beta Tester this makes me giggle.

  3. mehrab rjl 8000

    and ets2 please!

  4. This is awesome! but need fix because this makes pc seriously slower.
    thanks for sharing and keep good work.

  5. Martin Allianz

    Optimization is very bad

  6. make it lighter for use on low systems

  7. mehrab rjl 8000

    make it lighter buddy!

  8. when i try to log in to my game with this mod enabled in the mod manager it crashes my game. i have tried it with all the mods it comes with and it still crashes my game. any reason why it is doing that? any help would be great.

    1. it also happens to me i dont know why though. ive tried many mods for the tesla and it crashes my game when i go to mod dealer

  9. Can’t see the steering wheel, don’t know what priority we should install the FOUR files, doors can be opened ..??? HOW ..???
    I suggest next time you give a minimum of explanations…
    #### mod, removed !!!

    1. Anonymous

      the mod isnt #### it’s just you! But for the actual help part, all I did was installed “TESLA_SEMI_TRUCK_2019_ATS_1” and “TESLA_SEMI_TRUCK_2019_ATS_2” into the mods folder in documents – american truck simulator – mod, the other two files are not needed! and the doors open when the engine is off, they close when the engine turns on, hope this helps, and next time if you need help, dont call a mod #### because of your lack of knowledge!

  10. OldmanTrucker

    I would have to sneak up on this thing at the truck stops, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be seen getting in it! Very ugly truck!!!

  11. How do I actually get the truck in the game when it’s active in the mods

  12. texture is broken

  13. Vrrrrooom

    They should update the mods to keep maintain the mods texture and date too.

  14. Hello
    The accelerator does not work with my steering wheel or keypad. I just have the brake that works. Everything works with my other trucks.

  15. If you want I can send you files that have the real Tesla turn signal sound, they’ll be plug and play.

    1. I will take the files if you have them

  16. DodgerFan666

    Id love for this to be updated compatibility wise, on american truck simulator version 1.35 I am now getting 1 single frame per second, this has never happened with this truck in previous versions, my specs are as follows
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
    CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 @ 3.20 GHz
    RAM: 15.91 GB
    Monitor *if it matters which it probably doesnt*: 2560×1440 @ 144Hz

    1. Yeah +1 request to update this for 1.35 ASAP. It’s an amazing mods, and not having it really dials back the game experience. Thanks!

    2. MuffinBuffalo8901

      +1 on making mod compatible with 1.35! I love Tesla and want to be able to use this vehicle in the game

  17. Anonymous

    Will this ever appear in the Steam Workshop? I’d like to try it via Mac.

  18. Anonymous

    Hey there! Can we get an update for this? I seem to be getting very bad FPS in 1.35, used to get 60 fps and higher but i get half a frame per second now in the newest version, id love to drive this truck around some more so please :(

  19. Commander Piglet


  20. quick question, why not add this in the steam workshop? I’d imagine you could streamline your development process easier on there and then upload it here, because most peeps probably buy it off of steam because it has easy to use forums for help. anyways cheers, hope you bring this to steam!

    1. That would be really cool! I would really appreciate if they did that.

  21. Patrick Lavoie


    1. Blaze Wolf

      I agree.

  22. Blaze Wolf

    Why is it so hard for the game to handle?

  23. Wish+I+knew+I+have+an+Nvidia+Geforce+RTX+2080+and+the+FPS+drops+to+horrenously+low+levels+just+trying+to+configure+it.

  24. too long loading time
    fix it plz

  25. drake mozo

    just downloaded ats ets2 the otherday and ever since ive been trying to get this mod too work. game keeps crashing when i go to the dealer ship where the tesla truck is

  26. Cletus McGee


  27. Just crashes my game if I try to go buy it. not sure what Im doing wrong but I put the 4 scs files into my documents- mods and the edit paint job there too.

  28. It keeps crashing the game when I try and look at it in the Dealership

  29. dakota gilson

    would be nice if u could update this with th enew updates this tesla semi could look amazing

  30. It would be cool if it would be updated to 1.40, I have not tried this yet, But It looks awesome.

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