Super Luxury House By Farzad Ghadiri

It’s working on 1.32.X
Full made this mod by : Farzad Ghadiri

🔴 Mod information :
– Animation Entrance and exit doors
– Personal Lake
– Full Lighting
– create in 29H
– without Bug
– clean Console

🔴 Attention :
Do not Enter the house With Double Trailer
You can not turn with trailer in house

🔴 Location mod :
– Lower than the city Ely
if can not find check the picture in post

🔴 Please Do Not Reuploaded this Mod to any upload centers . 🔴

Farzad Ghadiri

DOWNLOAD 83 MB [ur-files]
DOWNLOAD 83 MB [Sharemods]

21 thoughts on “Super Luxury House By Farzad Ghadiri

  1. mehrab rjl 8000

    good work hazhii :)

  2. I think you need all map DLCs, right?

    1. yes Because Some this mod for DLC Arizona – DLC Oregon – DLC Nevada

  3. SweetAmber AUS

    this is so awesome, been waiting a long time for a mod such as this, the same that have been done for ets2, sadly for me its so far away from work, any chance of doing more locations? if so id like to request san diego for my self, if not thats ok, it never hurts to ask, great job Farzad, hope to see more houses, having a home should be a essential part of the game X

    1. Tnx dude , sure , next version Luxury house will be on san digo , and next City will be added to the city

      1. SweetAmber AUS

        probably the only gripe i have with this house is that there is way too much decoration things, id like it if the front yard was just lawn, with sooo much stuff around the house, its a little overkill, the house is awesome, but a lot of the other stuff could be removed for realisim, just a suggestion, maybe others feel the same, dont know, eitherway its still an awesome house

  4. Windsor351

    I’ve always wanted my own official home in ATS. Thanks Farzad.

    What would make this even cooler is if you made these for different cities and let the player pick which city they have their home in. Cities with both a truck dealer and a garage would be a good criteria for selection if you decide to follow my suggestion.

    1. Thankful . I will certainly do it


  5. Peter Klemmensen


  6. guys Please Make tested Video for this Mod . tnx

  7. Well just WHERE is this house?????… just stuck it out in the middle of nowhere or what? I flew over to the spot you got on this map and I don’t see anything and this mod is on top of my list of mod??? Help….I can’t find it

  8. Never mind, I found it, mustah flew too fast over it! Nice!

  9. does it work with the coast to coast mod? because I don”t see It

  10. any chance of making a copy with just the NM DLC???

  11. Very good job! But why can not I spend the night in this house?

  12. Can I store vehicles/semi at the house?

    Any chance of having this location mod in Phoenix, AZ?

  13. What I mean is, it would be awesome if we could sleep there. For example, after delivering a load somewhere, drive home, park the vehicle and then take a break like we do at rest stops. I would definitely download this mod if we could do that.

  14. This house is not compatible with ATS, it gives me crash to desktop.

  15. Enes Shabanali

    Can you make sleep location in house

    1. Javier Dawkins

      which version are you using

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