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Smokey and the Bandit unit

Date 2016-02-14 09:26


The Trailer is the New Long Animation Reefer Trailer
with my Smokey and the Bandit trailer skin.

Truck skin for the Kenworth W900A RC. Also works for the W900A from AMT.
Skin by: BrianC

Trailer By: axe666, vecc21, steis, Convert:furkan61 Skin By: BrianC W900A skin by BrianC


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  1. julien

    bonjour a tous et merci pour se super mod j aimerai savoir si c est possible de l avoir sur le peterbilt 389 merci encore

  2. BrianC

    I can do one for the Peterbilt 389.
    Let me know which version of the 389 do you have.
    I use the AMT/Viper2 389.

  3. Solutech

    http://www.mediafire.com/download/bln9fvg04c9bnjq/Bandit_scs.scs Hope you don’t mind Brian I did a quick reskin for the SCS W900 .

  4. Bob

    Hey buddy, we tried your mod but unfortunately the stripes were in the wrong place. If you could post a revised version that’d be awesome.

    Keep on truckin

  5. sam

    ok, i downloaded mine but where do i put the folder? can someone please tell me?
    Keep On Trucking

    • BrianC

      Sorry Sam.
      I have been away for a while with RL.
      You open the file and place the scs files into your mod folder in American truck Sim.

  6. Mike

    Hello I installed this mod and it only worked for the trailer. I downloaded the truck mod from this site figuring it would work with this skin. For some reason the skin shows up for the W900 that comes with the game but not for the W900a mod. Any ideas? Thanks!

  7. Wish the Trailer was Standalone :(

  8. thecattrucker


  9. thecattrucker

    I can’t download it. It say’s the file is invalid.

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