Siren Pack (4/19/21, 1.40)

For all your urgent delivery needs.

Obviously, this is just a thinly veiled airhorn pack, the sirens don’t have any functions outside of that.

The pack currently contains 18 siren tones from 5 sirens.

If you have any bugs, complaints, suggestions, or otherwise, feel free to let me know. You can find me through my Discord server (Bc4VMxaCNe).

Tones list:
General SpeedTech tones:
-Horn A
-Horn B

Federal Signal Q2B:

Federal Signal PA650:

Federal Signal PA300:
-Wind Down

Federal Signal MS4000:

While I don’t have a video demoing all of the tones, you can hear the SpeedTech tones in the attached video.

Some edits have been made since the video’s creation.

-Audio: SpeedTech, Federal Signal



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