9 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada 2.2.19 for ATS 1.37

  1. Ronald Fitzpatrick

    it would be awesome if someone put area 51 in the Nevada map lol

    1. crashingbill001

      + 1

    2. If we could deliver there it would be great. ;)

  2. Nice mod could it work with coast to coast

  3. John Horvatic

    Best Modded map ever, thanks. I bought it while in beta and worth every penny.

  4. the Interstate 80 is awesome i love it and highly recommend people to check it out

  5. Lütfen ALASKA haritası yapar mısın ? Muhteşem doğası ve çam ormanları ile kıvrımlı yolları olan Alaska’yı yaparsan orada gezmek çok heyecan verici olur. Teşekkürler

  6. Bonjour,

    Une superbe carte, vraiment agréable à parcourir, du beau travail.
    Félicitations aux créateurs.

    Merci beaucoup

    Patrick (France)

  7. For some reason i cant download your map. Any alternative link not from sharemods?

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