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Sierra Nevada 2.2.19 for ATS 1.37

Date 2020-04-12 10:02

This mod remodels extensive areas in northern California and the vast majority of Nevada in the base map of ATS.



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9 Responses to Sierra Nevada 2.2.19 for ATS 1.37

  1. Ronald Fitzpatrick

    it would be awesome if someone put area 51 in the Nevada map lol

  2. Norbiii

    Nice mod could it work with coast to coast

  3. John Horvatic

    Best Modded map ever, thanks. I bought it while in beta and worth every penny.

  4. tj

    the Interstate 80 is awesome i love it and highly recommend people to check it out

  5. Tarık

    Lütfen ALASKA haritası yapar mısın ? Muhteşem doğası ve çam ormanları ile kıvrımlı yolları olan Alaska’yı yaparsan orada gezmek çok heyecan verici olur. Teşekkürler

  6. Patrick


    Une superbe carte, vraiment agréable à parcourir, du beau travail.
    Félicitations aux créateurs.

    Merci beaucoup

    Patrick (France)

  7. Sandking

    For some reason i cant download your map. Any alternative link not from sharemods?

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